KP says

Ungdomshuset, Jagtvej 69, Intet Glemt - Ikke en skid sket... :-(

One year ago Ungdomshuset (Jagtvej 69) was taken with force by the danish police and military. Obviously not really a thing the police wanted to do, since the reason for the action was an insane fucked-up christian cult led by Ruth Evens and a bunch of liars also known as politicians, being either plain full of shit or at least nowhere near trustworthy.
Nothing has really happened yet in terms of a new house for the youth. But things are indicating that it may happen soon. If not, who knows what will happen then? My best guess would be Armageddon, and really, since they stole the house from the youth, the politicians have been asking for serious trouble all along. Hopefully though, they'll choose to play safe, and supply a house and make up for their former bullshit.

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