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Prince - Upcoming European Concerts 2008

Update 2008-06-10: All rumoured or announced gigs have now been Postponed/cancelled including Dublin. It doesn't exactly come as a big surprise given that Århus was pulled earlier and that there has been very little promotion of the Dublin gig. But it is very unfair to the fans who have bought tickets and made travel and hotel arrangements to pull out just a week before the show. Especially since no official explanation has been given. Prince doesn't have an official website anymore so that won't be the place to look... But fansite hints that angry fans should mostly aim their anger at the promoter MCD. Should I mention that I am very satisfied with myself for not buying any tickets to the Dublin gig.


Seems that one of the world's greatest musicians and showmen (or artists) is already about to hit Europe once again after his extremely successful trip to London in 2007, where he played an unheard of and incredible 21 concerts - not even adding the numerous legendary and outstanding aftershows - at London's O2 Arena (with more than 20.000 seats), effectively turning London into a purple party zone. The first gig announced will take place in Dublin, but the rumour has it, that - at least - 2 more gigs are about to be announced.

The facts:

Dublin - Ireland - Tickets here - Postponed/cancelled

The rumours:

Århus - Denmark - Postponed/cancelled

Paris - France - Postponed/cancelled

Milano - Italia - Postponed/cancelled

Funny remake of "Purple Rain":

...and yes Prince, it is called humour, and you should not think in a copyright perspective and feeling hurt or robbed. It is actually very funny, and all you should do is simply laugh. Now come on, it's not that difficult! I KNOW you can do it... Go here for a purple laugh!

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"The Rain Will Come Down, Then U Will Have 2 Choose. If U Believe Look 2 The Dawn And U Shall Never Lose."

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