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Prince - Sign "O" The Times - DVD guide [Movie Review]

Prince - Sign "O" The Times - DVD guide

If you are about to go and buy yourself a DVD copy of the excellent 1987 Prince concert movie Sign "O" The Times, you better make sure you read this first. I have bought 2 different DVD versions.

  • The first one (left picture) is really horribly BAD. We are talking about a transfer of an old video tape completely with noise in the picture and lousy sound. In fact, I think my old VHS tape copy sounds better. Anyway, the bad one is released by a company called "Video Film Express", and it is a Dutch release. I would advice you to stay far away. [VideoFilmExpress, 500616]
  • The second and GOOD one (right picture) is in superb widescreen quality and has clearly been digitally remastered as it says on the cover. It looks and sounds fantastic and it is highly recommended. It has been released by a company called "Network", and it is an English release. [Network, 7952288]

Now, if only somebody would be so nice to remaster and release the "LoveSexy '88" show from Dortmund on DVD. That would certainly kick ass...

Band: Prince

This Release: 1987

Movie Genre: Concert

Movie Format: DVD

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2008-02-11 18:28

Created: 2008-02-11 17:33

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