KP says

Denmark - the land of censorship. A downward spiral towards "1984".

Denmark is now officially acting like a dictatorship. A danish court has demanded that internet provider Tele2 should block all access to the website If Tele2 do as they are told by the court, and other danish ISPs do the same thing, then this will be similar to an earlier blocking of the site. This is simply a downward spiral towards censorship on the internet, and it will make Denmark no better than countries without democracy. Countries we usually don't want to be compared to.

PirateBay contains tons of references to material that isn't copyrighted, and if they want to block PirateBay, then they will have to block as well. If they don't, then there is no consistency in what they do. But if they did block Google then it would be obvious to everybody (even for people without technological knowledge) what they are trying to do.

The most ridiculous part of it all, is that it will be absolutely no problem to access the sites, even if the ISPs decide to block them. You don't even have to be an engineer to figure it out. This is just another example of how the law and politicians are trying to control everything and everyone with tons of new non-functioning laws that has no effect whatsoever, except for turning Denmark into a copy of "1984".

The reason for this whole issue is once again greedy music, movie and software corporations, who fail to understand that we are living in a digital world. A world that really don't need these corporations as much as the corporations need the customers. Corporations who simply fail to understand that if they deliver quality to people for a reasonable price, then most people are willing to pay for the products.

Instead the corporations have tried to make life impossible for people who actually pay for their products. Everytime you watch a legal movie you have to watch antipirate bullshit and if you want to make a copy of your legal cd to your mobile phone then you have to fight ridiculous anticopy bullshit. Anticopy bullshit stored inside the music files making it a hell of a challenge to play, move or otherwise use the files you have paid for. On top of that the product prices are absolutely outrageous. If the big ass corporations weren't so bloody greedy and lowered their prices to a reasonable level, then they would sell lots and lots of more products.

It is really scary that the danish law and the danish politicians are so fucking stupid that they are doing everything to please the greedy corporations. It seems that they haven't understood anything about freedom of speech and what the internet is all about.

And for the record: yes, I do pay for my music, movies and software. I am a collector and I love to have the physical product. But I can certainly understand people who sometimes can't see any relation between product and price, because often there isn't any relation at all. Just greedy corporations and nothing else.

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