KP says

Sham 69 - Western Culture

Lead singer Jimmy Pursey was sacked from the band some time last year and he's been replaced by Tim V. Since I didn't know shit about the band before I heard them live at Stengade 30 yesterday, I can't really compare the 2 of them. I can however say that Tim V ("Scazz"), Dave Parsons, Ian Whitewood and Rob Jefferson does a fine job both live and on record.

The 2007 cd "Western Culture" sounds really great. Some of it reminds me a bit of the Sex Pistols - only with a better sound, and to some extend also more interesting music. Some of the lyrics are quite a bit of left-wing B.S., but the music makes up for most of it.

The albums holds many interesting songs. "No Apologies" is my instant favorite track, but I actually like the entire album.

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