KP says

Ridiculous laws in Denmark. A downward spiral towards "1984".

There's a bunch of ridiculous laws in Denmark. Laws that I fail to understand. Let's take a look at a few of them.


When I was a kid, exploding fireworks with a massive "BANG!" were illegal. (From now on I take myself out of this explanation, just to make it general, ok?) Anyway, the result was: it was time to produce exploding fireworks from the legal shit and then stuff it into metal pipes to ensure the bangs. Some dude in my town even produced his own powder. The best and safest solution was however the "Blålyn" from the danish millitary. 12 seconds guaranteed till explosion.

But still the system has made bullshit laws. If you make exploding fireworks illegal then the result is: More injured boys. A boy will never stop lusting for something that explodes, no matter what the fuck the system does. Now, give it to him, so he doesn't have to loose his eyes or fingers to produce it.

Smooking (in small bars):

Fair enough, they have abandoned smoking at most official places. I agree with that, since I don't smoke. It is disgusting, and it hurts not only yourself but everybody around you. But now to the point: What the hell has the system to do with regulating small bars (known in Denmark as "Værtshuse")? If the bars want to allow smoking, then so what? A sign at the door should be enough to turn non-smoking people away?

Illegal drugs:

Why are the system against it if some people want to expand their life with a little extra somethin'? Why should the system and tradition decide what is legal and what is illegal. The only result of prohibition is creating an underground. Result: nobody knows what they get. Crime will rise. And last but not least: Coffee, Nicotine and Alcohol are probably even worse than many of the illegal drugs when it comes to addiction. And so what? You should choose. Not the system.

Redbull vs. Coffee:

How come Red Bull is illegal in Denmark? It's got less coffein than coffee. It is legal in most(all?) other european countries. (perhaps it has not made an agreement with mighty Carlsberg?). No matter what, it is a fact that I've been drinkin' "tons" of them (illegally imported). I'm not dead yet... The rest of the europeans ain't dead yet. So perhaps some politician fucks need to get their coffee out of their ass?


The 85dB law from the EU is designed to protect people working in noisy environments. That somehow includes rock venues. It is a known fact that 85 dBs are the sound volume that defines wankers and weak pussies. It is also a known fact that Vega in Copenhagen destroyed Motörhead's gig in December 2007 obeying this ridiculous EU law. Why the hell can't people with a sensitive hearing system (otherwise known as wanker ears) wear fucking ear protection? It is very ok. Very ok it is FUCKING NOT to destroy everybody else's rock'n'roll experience just because you happen to be a wanker with weak ears.


I am well aware that paying taxes is necessary for the society to function. But paying between 60 and 80 percent in taxes is so far out that I fail to understand why the danes accept it. Why the hell do people want the system to steal most of their hard earned money? Danes are really really stupid. I mean really stupid.

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