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2007 - a list of some of the shit I said and did in 2007

2007 ?

Here's a list of some of the shit I said and did in 2007. Enjoy...

Some of the best live gigs I saw in 2007:

The worst live gig I saw in 2007:

Copenhagen's Vega and EU created a true massacre and killed a Motörhead gig. I'm still disappointed, angry and sad.

Some of the best cd releases in 2007

The best music dvd of 2007

Nine Inch Nails - Beside You In Time (live 2006) is a great capture of the energy that makes up a live Nine Inch Nails gig.

The best movie I saw in 2007

Eastern Promises was a really good mob movie and saw some great acting by Viggo Mortensen.

Denmark is on a downward spiral

Denmark is turning more and more into a society of socialdemocrates and mediocrity. Where the citizens simply love to have a state that knows "what is right", which controls everything and which - through skyhigh taxes - spends the most of the citizens money the "right way". The only good thing is that the government kept the power after the election. If the red block had won the election, then things would have gotten way worse than they already are.

The implementation of the new EU law demanding the volume kept at maximum 85 dB at rock concerts is just one insane example of control and the demolition of Ungdomshuset is another example of mediocrity and the desire to make everyone look and act the same way and destroy everyone with a free or different mind. I've got tons of other examples but seriously it pisses me too much off. So cut for now.

Why danish sport sucked ass in 2007

In that horrific footballgame between Denmark and Sweden in June the danish team crashed and burned out of the European Championships. But nothing is bad for nothing. My number one hate team England crashed as well and Italia won their group so I will have fun watching the EC next year anyway.

Jesper Worre and the rest of DCU leaked confidential information to the world press about the best rider in danish cycling. Very fair (NOT) that only Rasmussen's whereabouts has been known to the press, while the information for all other riders is still protected. Danish journalists (Danmarks Radio's Niels Christian Jung in particular) made sure that Rasmussen was pulled by his team and lost not only a sure win in Tour de France but maybe also his entire career.

Why all sporting events didn't suck in 2007

AC Milan got their revenge against Liverpool and won the Champions League. All hail mighty Milan! AC Milan also won the FIFA Club World Cup Final and thereby got their revenge against Boca Juniors. Forza Milan!

Outrageous ways to have fun in 2007

Oktober Fest 2007 in München is always a fantastic way to have a great party blast and drink insane amounts of beer in a few days. This time was my third and I think I'll be back for more soon.

5 days buried in mud and rain and the worst band selection ever was not enough to kill this year's Roskilde Festival. We still had a great time with lots of fun, lots of mud and very little good music (with the exception of Machine "Fucking" Head.)

4 days in Amsterdam with a bunch of friends is not exactly boring either (but unfortunately for you it has been XXX-rated and censored) and 5 days in London doing 3 Prince gigs and 2 Prince aftershows counts for a whole lot of fun as well!

2008 ?

Well, it's impossible to know what it will bring. But thank you for listening in 2007 and welcome back in 2008.


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