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Ungdomshuset Jagtvej 69, Intet Glemt - Intet Tilgivet!

It is kinda funny (in a tragic way) to follow the situation of Ungdomshuset (Youth House) here in Copenhagen. It is still partly speculation exactly how many million danish Kroner it has cost up until now to first demolish the building and meanwhile and afterwards to pay for a massive police force to fight the young people who are now without a place of their own.

First the politicians broke an old agreement with Ungdomshuset (Jagtvej 69) and sold the house to a christian sect - Faderhuset. The only reason the christians wanted the house was apparantly to get a lot of media attention and to make a lot of money. Now they plan to sell the empty ground after having been responsible for turning Copenhagen into a warzone.

After having sold the house the politicians followed the wishes of Faderhuset and asked the police to make sure the house was being demolished. Obviously this caused total riots in the streets of Copenhagen since the politicians weren't prepared to compensate for their stupidity and offer a new replacement Ungdomshus despite having broken the old agreement.

Lots of demonstrations and related activity has taken place since then. Some of them more violent than others. All the time the politicians have washed their hands and kept saying that they cannot negotiate with violent criminals and that getting a house must be the responsibility of the youth themselves. All the time the amount being used on extra police has just increased to ridiculous amounts. I guess that a new Ungdomshus could have been bought several times and been run for the next 100 years for the money used on police and street cleaning up until now.

It is interesting that the - until now - so incredibly arrogant and stubborn city mayor Ritt Bjerregaard has now started a dialogue with the youth. Perhaps the pressure is working finally. Perhaps her brain will finally understand that this will never ever stop until a solution is found.

A lot of the politicians however stick to their usual comments about being unable to negotiate with the terrrorists. They are so self righteous, über-moralistic sad beings that it is unbelievable. They are clearly afraid of anything different, anyone that cannot be controlled and put into nice little boxes with nice little labels. Individuals that do not necessarily do as being told by the system without asking why. They simply don't get the fact that the young people in Copenhagen need a house of their own where they can do whatever they want and support and develop alternative culture, art and music. But then again politicians are often liars, thieves or just plain full of shit so it doesn't really surprise anybody, does it? It gets particularly ridiculous to hear politicians and others argue about all the bad people who used to be in Ungeren when they never ever have been inside the building themselves. They have no idea what they are talking about.

To some extend the moralistic politicians have been succesful. By having kept repeating the same bullshit and letting the police fight the youth in the streets they have managed to turn many civilians against the young people. The civilians understandably don't like to be kept hostage in the middle of this conflict. However living in the land of mediocrity where all policial parties without exception is socialdemocrates and were it is almost being seen as a crime to be different than the average person it is hardly surprising that it is possible to manipulate people into believing that what the politicians say is the truth and nothing but the truth.

The questions remains: how much more money has to be wasted on maintaining a gigantic police force in Copenhagen and how many ordinary citizens has to be kept hostage in this conflict before the politicians wake up and make up for their previous idiotic mistake of selling Jagtvej 69 and get a new Ungdomshus in place to end this insanity? Well, time will tell...

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