KP says

10 Cloverfield Lane [2016]

I am not a fan of the first Cloverfield [2008] movie. I hate shaky-cam movies. But this is not really a sequel, or is it? A woman named Michelle [Mary Elizabeth Winstead] crashes in her car and wakes in an underground bunker, chained to a wall. Is she a prisoner of a psycho redneck named Howard [John Goodman] or did he in fact save her life after a disaster has destroyed all life above ground? This movie will work best, if you don't know much about it before you see it.

Monsters come in many forms...

It's an entertaining low-budget movie, and it is mostly filmed inside the underground bunker with only 3 characters. The last character inside the bunker is named Emmett [John Gallagher Jr.] and he helped Howard build the bunker. Howard is rather creepy and Michelle is never too annoying and she is smart enough to challenge Howard. But will she ever make it out of the bunker again, and does she even want to? Is it really safe out there now? I wasn't that happy with the ending, but again I can't say much without destroying the movie.

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