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KP says: Amanda Palmer : "There Will Be No Intermission"   Rating: Rating: 3/6   
Updated: 2019-03-23 13:49:02    Type:  cd/vinyl review     English  View Comment Details   
Well, well, well. I thought I'd had enough of Amanda's left-wing propaganda on social media sites. Then 2x Dresden Dolls happened in London in October 2018. I went to see those 2 shows. Great, not exactly awesome, too much political BS talk in between, but still it was very nice to hear the DD live again with my new friend Narkia from France.

I quit Amanda's patrons site a long time ago. I like to decide what I want to fund. A new album is cool, while other art projects just aren't. It seems Amanda knows this, because she maximizes profits by offering the same albums/artbooks outside her gated community.

Anyway, Amanda is a VERY charismatic performer and even though I had severe doubts, I agreed to buy tickets for the Copenhagen gig later this year. I was under heavy pressure from my concert buddy, C. I obviously had to buy Amanda's new album after, never come unprepared.

It is a very low-key album. Piano driven or sometimes ukulele anthems. It takes a while to open up. In fact it never really opened up to me, but I don't dislike it. "Bigger on the Inside" is an old-time fan favorite in all it's sadness, and it fits in well. To be honest it is Amanda like we know her. Nothing new. No chances taken, nothing unexpected.

I'm still waiting for the artbook to arrive (with lyrics), but it seems like a rather consistent album. A masterpiece? Nope, but if you like(d) Amanda you'll like it. There are no drums or blazing keyboards. Only piano, sad songs and a bit of ukulele.

[2019], 8 ft.

My video: "Bigger on the Inside", Concorde2, 2013-07-13

Amanda Palmer : ´There Will Be No Intermission´ (cd/vinyl review)
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