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KP says: KP's 2017 Album Top 10        
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KP's 2017 Album Top 10 (music comment)
These are the 10 best albums I bought in 2017:
I'm not gonna try to put them in any order, because it all depends on my mood. If they made this list, it means I like them.

  • Slægt: Domus Mysterium
    The new hope and the new rulers of Danish metal. Slægt have already blasted all competition to smithereens. Mercyful Fate reborn.

  • Miley Cyrus: Younger Now
    Miley returned to her roots. It's a brilliant pop country album. I'm not sure if she'll ever make the perfect Miley album, but this one comes close enough.

  • Warner E. Hodges: Right Back Where I Started
    Warner is the only artist on this list twice (also with DBAHS.) This is his best solo album so far. It sounds even better live, I had the pleasure of hearing it in Malmö. A real guitar hero and a great guy.

  • Nine Inch Nails: Add Violence (EP)
    The 2nd NIN EP in a trilogy. Just as nice as the first one. I love getting a new NIN EP every 6 months. These EPs have everything on them that ever made NIN cool.

  • Prince & The Revolution: Purple Rain [3CD+DVD Boxset, Collector's Edition]
    Remastered + lots of extended and unreleased tracks in great quality. One of the greatest rock albums in history finally got a worthy boxset treatment.

  • Black Magic Six: Choose Death
    A very fine album from my favorite Finnish madmen. Jukka complains he didn't sing well enough, because of a sore throat, but I don't care. It's 27:18 minutes of rock n roll and I like it and so does Satan.

  • Dan Baird & Homemade Sin: Rollercoaster
    My new favorite DBAHS album. It has a nice consistent flow of fine rock songs and it sounds really good too.

  • Derwood: Tone Poet Livation (Live 2017)
    Slide-guitar maestro Derwood's Tone Poet projects played live on a radio show. Sounds really good and a nice selection of songs from the 3 albums so far. A new one should get released next year.

  • GWAR: The Blood Of Gods
    The return of my favorite space alien gods. Nothing can kill GWAR - not even death.

  • Motörhead: Under Cöver
    A collection of some cover songs done by Motörhead. Neither the perfect nor the complete version it could have been, but it's a fine listen with a good flow.

outside the list, 11-13

Albums right outside the list:

  • Alice Cooper: Paranormal
    The original shock rocker is back. Not that he ever went away. Not his best album in newer time, but still worth several spins on your player.

  • Jesper Binzer: Dying is Easy
    Jesper's debut solo album. Sounds a lot like D-A-D at times, but with a bit more serious lyrics. Not a bad album, but nothing special either. Good clean family entertainment you can trust. I would have preferred something a lot more dangerous than that. Maybe next time.

  • Ani DiFranco: Binary
    Another rather quiet album from Ani. Not her best, but Ani is always worth a listen, and this is no exception.