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KP says: The Dresden Dolls - Yes, Virginia...   Rating: Rating: 4/6   
Updated: 2006-09-04 22:25:31    Type:  cd/vinyl review     English  View Comment Details   
Pretty good follow up to their fantastic debut album from 2003 from our favourite duo from Boston. Especially the melodic tunes "My Alcoholic Friends" and "Shores of California" stands out, but also "Mrs. O" (previously released on the live album "A is for Accident) is a pretty damn great track.

The album doesn't quite reach the heights of the debut but tracks like "Sex Changes", "Delilah", "Dirty Business" and "Sing" helps making "Yes, Virginia..." a very good album.

The album really reminds you that if The Dresden Dolls happen to play live anywhere near your home - then go and see them. After all Amanda and Brian are one hell of a punk-cabaret live experience as I was lucky to witness on Roskilde Festival 2005.

[2006, RoadRunner]
The Dresden Dolls - Yes, Virginia... (cd/vinyl review)
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