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KP says: Slægt : "Domus Mysterium"   Rating: Rating: 6/6   
Updated: 2017-05-06 18:56:26    Type:  cd/vinyl review     English  View Comment Details   
I stepped into the rumours of a new young Danish kick-ass metal band in Copenhagen's Vega last year (2016). I went there to hear the Irish band Primordial, and I walked out of Vega with a vinyl EP of the Danish support act Slægt afterwards. They hadn't embarressed themselves at all, even if support gigs are usually impossible to survive. I put on their EP on my trusty 1210 at home, and it was true and pure metal love at first blast.

The new album isn't like their first lo-fi album "Ildsvanger". Instead, it follows the formula from the EP, bringing a mix of black and NWOBHM. Consistently and without any bullshit at all. This is black metal you can dance to.

It is instantly convincing and actually even "catchy" too, listen to "The Eye of The Devil" below for a great example of this. It is a freakish and hellish metal soundscape to absorb and dive into and the band owes a lot to Mercyful Fate and Immortal, and their guitars often sound like trademark Iron Maiden duels.

The output of all this is quite unique, and this is probably the most promising Danish band, since Mercyful Fate in the 1980s. I say it is. I am impressed. Very. Satan is alive.

[2017, Ván]

"The Eye of The Devil"

"I Smell Blood"

Slægt : ´Domus Mysterium´ (cd/vinyl review)
Slægt : ´Domus Mysterium´ (cd/vinyl review)
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