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KP says: Happy 10 years anniversary to this thing!        
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10 years ago on 2006-08-26, I wrote the first comment on this thing. Here we are 10 years and 500+ comments later. Prince is sadly dead and I still enjoy drinking Budweiser.

I guess this thing has mostly turned into a place where I write reviews of movies, concerts and records. Over the years most of my activity has moved to Facebook, but this is still very much the place I write anything that I want to last for a longer time. I still like going back and look at something I wrote years ago.

This thing has been hosted at several different hosting providers over the years, and it has even moved between different domains and Now I own both domains and they currently point to the same site.

I guess it's long been time for a make-over, but I've never really found the energy or drive to do it. After all, the content is the important thing, and I've never been much of a designer anyway.

Will this thing last another 10 years? Will I? Time will tell.

Cheers! -KP
Happy 10 years anniversary to this thing! (general comment)