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KP says: Jason And The Scorchers, The Garage, London, 2012-09-29    Rating: Rating: 5/6   
Updated: 2012-10-02 23:59:06    Type:  concert review     English  View Comment Details   
Jason And The Scorchers, The Garage, London, 2012-09-29  (concert review)
Only 2 weeks after I saw their great performance in Malmö I was back at yet another Scorchers gig - this time in London. I got to meet Warner and Pontus before the gig began and then I found myself a spot at the front row.

It was yet another super performance by the band and they really seem to be enjoying themselves on stage playing old and new songs with the same amount of energy and enthusiasm the songs deserve. We were even treated with a special guest this evening: Ginger Wildheart, who has previously toured with the Scorchers.

This time they had brought more merchandise with them and I got myself a couple of nice t-shirts and also got Warner to sign both my ticket and his 2008 album "Centerline". I had decided not to video film this gig, but I shot a lot of photos instead.
Lost Highway, Greetings From Nashville, Moonshine Guy, My Heart Still Stands With You, Victory Road, Good Things Come To Those Who Wait, Last Time Around, Twang Town Blues, Thanks for the Ride, Shop It Around, Absolutely Sweet Marie, Harvest Moon, If Money Talks, Somewhere Within, Pray For Me Mama I'm A Gypsy Mow, Better Than This (sung by Warner), Drugstore Truck Driving Man, Broken Whiskey Glass, Mona Lee.

Crashin' Down (with Ginger Wildheart), Golden Days (with Ginger Wildheart), White Lies (with Ginger Wildheart).
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