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KP says: Sedated Angel - Råhuset - Copenhagen - Live - 2010-02-06   Rating: Rating: 5/6   
Updated: 2010-02-07 18:00:11    Type:  concert review     English  View Comment Details   
Sedated Angel - Råhuset - Copenhagen - Live - 2010-02-06 (concert review)
Sedated Angel was having their release party for the new album Far Beyond Repair and obviously we had to be there when the boys came to Copenhagen to party!

Support band Fuzz Manta played a short rockin' set and they did a good job.

Sedated Angel is playing loud and dirty stoner rock and they did not disappoint in any way. The visual art that they use looks great as a background for the band and complements the music well. The musicians are really skilled and they know how to create a massive sound. The acoustics at Råhuset are very good too so that only helped make it a top class gig. I think the crowd got what they wanted and left the gig with a great feeling and some nice hissing in the ears.

Obviously I picked up the new release on both cd and vinyl and the vinyl release sounds really great when blasted out loud. In fact I'll be playing all music very loud in the next few days because I watched the gig with my ears so close to one of the speakers that I'm almost deaf now.

I can only advice you to check out the boys next time they play a gig in your neighbourhood, if you like rock'n'roll and guitars then you'll love this! Until then you should check out their new album. It's really cool stuff.Setlist:
Cemetary, 1000 Times, Black Suits, Drug Shovel, Could Never Leave, Expanded Horizon, Fly Away, Rollin', Longest Time, Dirty Road, Burn, Numb.

Below is 2 videos I shot. A bit dark perhaps, but the sound quality is amazingly good, considering I was 10cm away from the right front speaker and my ears are still ringing some 14 hours later.

Fly Away

A 1000 Times

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