Kate Clover @ Beta, Copenhagen, 2024-05-15 [Concert Review]

Kate Clover @ Beta, Copenhagen, 2024-05-15

Kate Clover is a pop-punk star. Most of Copenhagen will never know her at all, because they prefer to stay at home and eat their Weber grill sausages and watch re-loops of "Vild med dans" aka "Strictly Come Dancing". On this Wednesday evening, maybe 50 or 60 trüe rock n' rollers had disconnected themselves from their TV-sets and made it to the real outside world of rock n roll. 

Denmark is a very sad 3rd world rock country. Sometimes, you just got to tell your boss to piss off because you need to go and rock n roll on a Wednesday evening. I know it sounds really hard to do, but if you don't, you will suck forever. You will suck more than anyone has ever sucked before.

The original plan at Beta had been to open the evening with a DJ set. Unfortunately the DJ had found other things to do, and we had to replace whatever said DJ might have been playing with a lot of beers and JD + Coke. Lemmy lives. Beta remains the very best venue in Copenhagen, and even without whatever DJ'ing there might have been, we were all in great company. It wasn't a sold out venue, but I think we were a good dedicated crowd.

Kate and her 3-piece band: guitar, bass and drums took the stage around 21:00 hours. They played a really great gig. Compared to the online setlist from Barcelona, I was glad to learn that the actual setlists taped to the stage contained several additional songs. All songs played were from her first 2 albums with the exception of the first encore song "Stay With Me".

When Kate wasn't busy singing and playing her guitar, she also struggled with the unreliable neon sign built into the drums. It refused to behave. It didn't bother the band though, they were on fire. They are very clearly a band, not just some musicians randomly put together on a stage in Copenhagen. I did complain a little bit about Kate's vocal during the gig. Maybe she needs to figure out how to level her vocals and keep the vocal output loud enough at all times. It could also have been the sound guy that hadn't turned up her microphone. Kate has a great voice and we want to hear it. Louder, next time, please. Louder!

Kate was very friendly after the gig. She signed my copy of her new LP "The Apocalypse Dream" that I'd bought from the merch stand, and she also agreed to join me on a selfie. She said she hoped to come back, and I really hope that it will come true some day. Kate and her boys really rocked the small house of Beta. People who stayed at home on their couch really missed out here. Real rock n roll in small venues is just so much better than lame arena concerts.

Bonus info: the merch-dude said that Kate's first album "Bleed Your Heart Out" should get a 3rd vinyl re-print sometime soon. There is hope.

Rating: 5

Band: Kate Clover

Venue: Beta, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2024-05-15


  • Tearjerker
  • Apocalypse Dream
  • Love You to Death
  • Channel Zero
  • Daisy Cutter
  • Pleasure Forever
  • Here Comes The Love Bomb
  • Damage Control
  • Roulette
  • Your Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not
  • Disconnected
  • Like a Domino
  • I Don't Care
  • No More Romance
  • Follow My Heart


  • Stay With Me
  • Crimewave

Ticket Price (DKK): 160

Ticket Provider: Ticketmaster

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Created: 2024-02-03 19:57

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