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Link Desciption Type
Moondogg The official Moondogg site. Official Site
My Space - Derwood Derwood's place on MySpace. Listen to new tracks that he is working on at the moment and buy great rare Westworld/Moondogg/Derwood tracks!!! Official Site
My Space - Elizabeth Elizabeth's place on MySpace. Official Site
My Space - Moondogg Moondogg's My Space site. Official Site
God's Wallop Buy the 2nd Moondogg cd "God's Wallop" here. Non-Official Site
You Tube Here you can watch Moondogg videos and hear an interview with Derwood. Non-Official Site
YouTube Check out lots of old Westworld music videos on YouTube. Non-Official Site
Empire Main source of info about legendary UK cult band EMPIRE (1980-1984), led by Bob "Derwood" Andrews. A Related Band
Generation X interview An interview (2003) with Derwoood. A Related Band