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About Moondogg
After the end of Westworld Bob "Derwood" Andrews and Elizabeth Westwood created their new band Moondogg in the Arizona desert in 1994. They also moved back to London for a period of time before returning to the US desert again. This of course prompted the description of Moondogg's musical style given by Derwood "We're not making jungle, we're making desert." Their music is some unique blend of jungle / drum'n'bass layered with slide-guitar and of course with Westwood's vocal on top. Also part of the band is Martin Lee-stephenson who is the producer and responsible for the loops and beats.
The debut album "Fat lot of good" was finished in 1994 but wasn't released until 1996. Because the record company went bust it seems that only very few copies were released of this album.
The second album "God's wallop" was completed before the release of "Fat lot of good" however it wasn't released until 2001. It contains 3 videos that can be played on a PC. These videos were originally part of a very limited "Fat lot of good" boxset.
The third album "All The Love In The World" was released in 2004. Jerry Judd is playing drums on this album. This album is even cooler than the 2 that came before it. Highly recommended! You can buy the album directly from The Official Moondogg Site. (See Links in the menu.)
In 2007 Derwood released a digital download of the previously unreleased transition album "Coming Through The Rye" that saw Westworld transform itself into Moondogg. Also a b-sides compilation "Like There's No Tomorrow" was released in 2007.
Rumours: A new Moondogg CD for 2008? It may be called "Pi in the Sky."
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Moondogg lineup: 
Bob "Derwood" Andrews 
Elizabeth Westwood
Martin Lee-stephenson