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New records added to my collection - 2019

New records (vinyl, CD, download) I've bought in 2019

New records added to my collection - Ladyhawke
Artist/Title: Ladyhawke - "Ladyhawke"
Magic, Manipulating Woman, My Delirium, Better Than Sunday, Another Runaway, Love Don't Live Here, Back Of The Van, Paris Is Burning, Professional Suicide, Dusk Till Dawn, Crazy World, Morning Dreams.
Includes 20 pages color 12" booklet with lyrics. 2019 release on white 180g vinyl. Super cool 1980s-influenced pop album.
©: 2019   (p): 2008   Label: Modular Recordings   #: 6792028   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - Seven And The Ragged Tiger
Artist/Title: Duran Duran - "Seven And The Ragged Tiger"
The Reflex, New Moon On Monday, (I'm Looking For) Cracks In The Pavement, I Take The Dice, Of Crime And Passion, Union Of The Snake, Shadows On Your Side, Tiger Tiger, The Seventh Stranger, Is There Something I Should Know? (Monster Mix), Union Of The Snake (Monkey Mix), New Moon On Monday (Dance Mix), The Reflex (Dance Mix).
2LP re-release with 4 remixes on the 2nd LP
©: 2019   (p): 1983   Label: EMI   #: EMCD 165454   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - The 12´ Album
Artist/Title: Howard Jones - "The 12" Album"
Always Asking Questions, New Song (New Version), What Is Love? (Extended Mix), Like To Get To Know You Well (International Mix), Pearl In The Shell (Extended Mix), Total Conditioning.
©: 1984   (p): 1984   Label: WEA   #: 240 543-1   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - Dream Into Action
Artist/Title: Howard Jones - "Dream Into Action"
Things Can Only Get Better, Life In One Day, Dream Into Action, No One Is To Blame, Look Mama, Assault And Battery, Automaton, Is There A Difference?, Elegy, Specialty, Why Look For The Key?, Hunger For The Flesh, Bounce Right Back, Like To Get To Know You Well.
©: 2018   (p): 1985   Label: Cherry Red   #: PCDBRED750   Media: CD   

New records added to my collection - Human's Lib
Artist/Title: Howard Jones - "Human's Lib"
Conditioning, What Is Love? (Extended Version), Pearl In The Shell, Hide And Seek, Hunt The Self, New Song, Don't Always Look At The Rain, Equality, Natural, Human's Lib, China Dance.
I also bought the 2018 re-release limited edition 140g white vinyl.
©: 2018   (p): 1984   Label: Cherry Red   #: PCDBRED740   Media: CD   

New records added to my collection - Duran Duran
Artist/Title: Duran Duran - "Duran Duran"
Girls On Film, Planet Earth, Anyone Out There, To The Shore, Careless Memories, Night Boat, Sound Of Thunder, Friends Of Mine, Tel Aviv, Planet Earth (Night Version), Girls On Film (Extended Night Version), Planet Earth (Night Mix), Girls On Film (Night Mix).
Limited Edition 2LP from 2010, 4 remixes on the 2nd record
©: 2010   (p): 1981   Label: Parlophone   #: 50999 6096061 0   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - Arena (live)
Artist/Title: Duran Duran - "Arena (live)"
Is There Something I Should Know?, Hungry Like The Wolf, New Religion, Save A Prayer, The Wild Boys, The Seventh Stranger, The Chauffeur, Union Of The Snake, Planet Earth, Careless Memories.
Includes booklet, Recorded live in 1984
©: 1984   (p): 1984   Label: Parlophone   #: 064 26 0308 1   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - Outstrider
Artist/Title: Abbath - "Outstrider"
Calm In Ire Of Hurricane, Bridge Of Spasms, The Artifex, Harvest Pyre, Land Of Khem, Outstrider, Scythewinder, Hecate, *Pace Till Death.
Boxset includes facepaint and patch and a bonus track: *Pace Till Death (Bathory cover). Also available as gatefold LP.
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: Season of Mist   #: SOM 517B   Media: Boxset   

New records added to my collection - Big Attraction & Giddy Up
Artist/Title: Amyl and The Sniffers - "Big Attraction & Giddy Up"
I’m Not A Loser, Blowjobs, Mole (Sniff Sniff), Balaclava Lover Boogie, Westgate, 70’s Street Munchies, Pleasure Forever, Caltex Cowgirl, Mandalay, Stole My Pushbike.
Compilation LP of their first 2 EPs. Kick ass Aussie punk!
©: 2018   (p): 2018   Label:  Damaged Goods   #: DAMGOOD494LP   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - Originals
Artist/Title: Prince - "Originals"
Sex Shooter, Jungle Love, Manic Monday, Noon Rendezvous, Make-Up, 100 MPH, You’re My Love, Holly Rock, Baby You’re A Trip, The Glamorous Life, Gigolos Get Lonely Too, Love… Thy Will Be Done, Dear Michaelangelo, Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me?, Nothing Compares 2 U.
Demo tracks that Prince gave to other artists
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: NPG/Warner Bros.   #: 0603497851782   Media: CD   

New records added to my collection - Rise
Artist/Title: Hollywood Vampires - "Rise"
I Want My Now, Good People Are Hard To Find, Who's Laughing Now, How The Glass Fell, The Boogieman Surprise, Welcome To Bushwhackers, The Wrong Bandage, You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory, Git From Round Me, Heroes, A Pitiful Beauty, New Threat, Mr. Spider, We Gotta Rise, People Who Died, Congratulations.
Their second album. Gatefold. Lyrics on innersleeves. Includes digital download.
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: Ear   #: 0213537EMU   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - Live At Bootleggers
Artist/Title: Warner E. Hodges - "Live At Bootleggers"
Ain't That Far Away, Gunslinger, Where Did You Go, Riff Raff, Money Mississippi, War Pigs, Don't Bother Knocking, Right Back Where I Started, Ghost On The Road, I Love You Baby, Never Alone, Money Talks, Let There Be Rock.
Recorded live in 2018
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: JCPL   #: JCPLCC0013   Media: CD   

New records added to my collection - A Prayer For The Loud
Artist/Title: D-A-D - "A Prayer For The Loud"
Burning Star, A Prayer For The Loud, Nothing Ever Changes, The Sky Is Made Of Blues, The Real Me, No Doubt About It, A Drug For The Heart, Musical Chairs, Time Is A Train, Happy Days In Hell, If The World Just.
Includes booklet with lyrics. Autographed by the band. Also available on CD. (image is of the CD)
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: Mermaid   #: MR 0212   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - She Is Coming (EP)
Artist/Title: Miley Cyrus - "She Is Coming (EP)"
Mother's Daughter, Unholy, D.R.E.A.M. (feat. Ghostface Killah), Cattitude (feat. RuPaul), Party Up the Street, The Most.
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: ?   #: ?   Media: Download   

New records added to my collection - Amyl and The Sniffers
Artist/Title: Amyl and The Sniffers - "Amyl and The Sniffers"
Starfire 500, Gacked On Anger, Cup Of Destiny, GFY, Angel, Monsoon Rock, Control, Got You, Punisha, Shake Ya, Some Mutts (Can't Be Muzzled).
Their debut full-length album on limited clear green vinyl + stickers + digital download code.
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: Rough Trade   #: RT0064LP   Media: LP   
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New records added to my collection - The Man They Couldn't Hang...
Artist/Title: Hola Ghost - "The Man They Couldn't Hang..."
Hola Ghost, Spanish Moon, The Man They Could’t Hang, Night Of The Vampire, Stay Awake, Alligator Girl, Dragon Balls, Ausweis, Marguerita, Mulo Esqueleto Volante, Six Bullets.
Record Store Day 2019 re-release, clear yellow vinyl, limited edition.
©: 2019   (p): 2009   Label: Svart   #: SRE331   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - Look Out (EP)
Artist/Title: Simon Raun - "Look Out (EP)"
Look Out, (Gimme Some) Dirt, Low Profile, Hey Now.
Debut EP.
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: Heptown   #: HTR504    Media: 7"   

New records added to my collection - Afterburner
Artist/Title: ZZ Top - "Afterburner"
Sleeping Bag, Stages, Woke Up With Wood, Rough Boy, Can't Stop Rockin', Planet Of Women, I Got The Message, Velcro Fly, Dipping Low (In The Lap Of Luxury), Delirious.
©: 1985   (p): 1985   Label: WB   #: 925 342-1   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - Sign 'O' The Times
Artist/Title: Prince - "Sign 'O' The Times"
Sign 'O' The Times, Play In The Sunshine, Housequake, The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker, It, Starfish And Coffee, Slow Love, Hot Thing, Forever In My Life, U Got The Look, If I Was Your Girlfriend, Strange Relationship, I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man, The Cross, It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night, Adore.
Re-release, with lyrics on innersleeves, 2LP.
©: 2016   (p): 1987   Label: Paisley Park   #: 7599-25577-1   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B
Artist/Title: The Head Cat - "Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B"
Big River, Lawdy Miss Clawdy, You Got Me Dizzy, Cut Across Shorty, Tell Me How, Well... All Right, Take Your Time, Stuck On You, Love's Made A Fool Of You, Trying To Get To You, Not Fade Away, Fool's Paradise, Peggy Sue Got Married, Crying Waiting Hoping, Learning The Game, Matchbox, True Love Ways, Heartbreak Hotel.
©: 2017   (p): 2000   Label: Steamhammer   #: SPV 085-21982 LP   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - The Boatman's Call
Artist/Title: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "The Boatman's Call"
Into My Arms, Lime Tree Arbour, People Ain't No Good, Brompton Oratory, There Is A Kingdom, (Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For?, Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere?, West Country Girl, Black Hair, Idiot Prayer, Far From Me, Green Eyes.
Includes lyrics print
©: 2013   (p): 1997   Label: Mute   #: STUMM 142   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - Bathory
Artist/Title: Bathory - "Bathory"
Hades, Reaper, Necromansy, Sacrifice, In Conspiracy With Satan, Armageddon, Raise The Dead, War.
©: 2013   (p): 1984   Label: Black Mark Label   #: BMLP-666-1   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - Bangerz (Deluxe Version)
Artist/Title: Miley Cyrus - "Bangerz (Deluxe Version)"
Adore You, We Can't Stop, SMS (Bangerz), 4x4, My Darlin', Wrecking Ball, Love Money Party, #GetItRight, Drive, FU, Do My Thang, Maybe You're Right, Someone Else, Rooting For My Baby*, On My Own*, Hands In The Air*.
Special edition with 3 bonus* tracks. Includes card with stickers.
©: 2013   (p): 2013   Label: RCA (Sony)   #: 88883-74525-2   Media: CD   

New records added to my collection - His Majesty's Pop Life / The Purple Mix Club
Artist/Title: Prince & The Revolution - "His Majesty's Pop Life / The Purple Mix Club"
Pop Life (Extended Version), America (Album Version), Raspberry Beret (New Mix), Paisley Park (Remix), Let's Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix), Little Red Corvette (Dance Mix), 1999 (Album Version), I Would Die 4 U (Extended Version), Erotic City ("Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive") (Long Version), When Doves Cry (Album Version).
This is a Wrecka Stow Day 2019 re-release of the original rare 1985 Japan-only-promo. 2 x 12". Double sleeve. 10 songs.
©: 2019   (p): 1985   Label: NPG/Warner Bros.   #: 0349-78558-5   Media: 12"   

New records added to my collection - Burning Star
Artist/Title: D-A-D - "Burning Star"
Burning Star, A Prayer For The Loud.
Fold out cover.
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: Mermaid   #: LC 06667. MR0210   Media: 7"   

New records added to my collection - Black Bombs
Artist/Title: Slægt - "Black Bombs"
Black Bombs, Wake Dirge (instrumental).
Comes with insert with lyrics. Numbered 224/548.
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: Ván   #: Ván273   Media: 7"   

New records added to my collection - Smash Hits
Artist/Title: Tone Poet (Derwood Andrews) - "Smash Hits"
Coyote, California Water, Move in Those Circles, Killed a Man, Poverty, Jump Wagon Blues, All in the Name, Oil's on My Shoe, I Love Your Mess, Next Generation, Precious Love, Give Her the Gun.
This is a compilation of 12 songs taken from the latest 3 Tone Poet albums out of 4. This one is available on VINYL!!!
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: RubberCheese   #: ?   Media: LP   
 Buy it from CdBaby  

New records added to my collection - There Will Be No Intermission
Artist/Title: Amanda Palmer - "There Will Be No Intermission"
All The Things, The Ride, Congratulations, Drowning In The Sound, Hold On Tight Darling, The Thing About Things , Life's Such A Bitch Isn't It, Judy Blume, Feeding The Dark, Bigger On The Inside, There Will Be No Intermission , Machete, You Know The Statistics, Voicemail For Jill, You'd Think I'd Shot Their Children, A Mother's Confession, They're Saying Not To Panic, Look Mummy No Hands, Intermission Is Relative, Death Thing.
Includes small art photos. Also available on 2LP. A special art book with photos and lyrics is also available.
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: 8ft.   #: 8FT054CD   Media: CD   

New records added to my collection - Love It To Death
Artist/Title: Alice Cooper - "Love It To Death"
Caught In A Dream, I'm Eighteen, Long Way To Go, Black Juju, Is It My Body, Hallowed Be My Name, Second Coming, Ballad Of Dwight Fry, Sun Arise.
Re-release on White vinyl. Gatefold cover.
©: 2017   (p): 1971   Label: WB   #: RCV1 1883   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - All That Heaven Allows
Artist/Title: Thomas Truax - "All That Heaven Allows"
Swimming Back To Wowtown (Granny Says Part 1), Save Me (feat. Gemma Ray), Humane Train, Precarious Waltz, Little Bites (Granny Says Part 2), International Homeland Security, Tonight We're Gonna Fly, Save Me (Reprise), Your Ever Changing Face / All That Heaven Allows, The Mobile Starts To Spin.
Splatter red/black vinyl. Features a duet with Gemma Ray "Save Me". Comes with a download code. Released in 2018.
©: 2017   (p): 2017   Label: Psycho Teddy   #: PT-1032   Media: LP  

New records added to my collection - Psychogeology
Artist/Title: Gemma Ray - "Psychogeology"
Blossom Crawls, Death Tapes, It's Only Loneliness, In Colour, Dreaming Is Easy, Psychogeology, Flood Plains, Land of Make believe, Roll On River, Summer Comes.
Brilliant new album from Gemma Ray and her band. One of her best albums so far. It grows for every play. Lyrics on innercover. Comes with digital download. Also available on CD.
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: Bronzerat   #: BR53LP   Media: LP  

New records added to my collection - Musicology
Artist/Title: Prince - "Musicology"
Musicology, Illusion Coma Pimp & Circumstance, A Million Days, Life 'o' the Party, Call My Name, Cinnamon Girl, What Do U Want Me 2 Do?, The Marrying Kind, If Eye Was the Man in Ur Life, On the Couch, Dear Mr. Man, Reflection.
Released on vinyl for the first time in 2019. Limited purple 2LP vinyl.
©: 2019   (p): 2004   Label: NPG/Legacy   #: 9075-91052-1   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - 3121
Artist/Title: Prince - "3121"
3121, Lolita, Te Amo Corazón, Black Sweat, Incense and Candles, Love, Satisfied, Fury, The Word, Beautiful Loved and Blessed, The Dance, Get On the Boat.
Released on vinyl for the first time in 2019. Limited purple 2LP vinyl.
©: 2019   (p): 2006   Label: NPG/Legacy   #: 9075-91053-1   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - Planet Earth
Artist/Title: Prince - "Planet Earth"
Planet Earth, Guitar, Somewhere Here on Earth, The One U Wanna C, Future Baby Mama, Mr. Goodnight, All the Midnights in the World, Chelsea Rodgers, Lion of Judah, Resolution.
Released on vinyl for the first time in 2019. Limited purple vinyl + hologram cover, showing alternate images of the standard cover image and the 'Love Symbol'.
©: 2019   (p): 2007   Label: NPG/Legacy   #: 9075-91054-1   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - Hellucifernation
Artist/Title: Demented Are Go - "Hellucifernation"
I Wanna Be Your Slave, Stake In The Heart, Daddies Makin' Monsters, Can't Sleep At Night, Reptile Queen, Don't Send Me No Flowers, I Wanna Kill, Stranger In Paradise, What's The Problem, Body Bag, High Heels, Hell Spawn, Red Light Fever, Funnel Of Love, Dead After Midnight.
Picked up at a DAG concert at Copenhagen's High Voltage
©: 2017   (p): 1999   Label: Crazy Love   #: CLLP6451   Media: LP   

New records added to my collection - Riot / Blame Them
Artist/Title: Trench - "Riot / Blame Them"
Riot, Blame Them, Trench Warfare
Copenhagen Punksters on full speed
©: 2019   (p): 2017   Label: Contra   #: CR277   Media: 7"   

New records added to my collection - Songs For The Dead - Live (boxset and 2LP)
Artist/Title: King Diamond - "Songs For The Dead - Live (boxset and 2LP)"
Out From The Asylum, Welcome Home, Sleepless Nights, Eye Of The Witch, Halloween, Melissa, Come To The Sabbath, Them, Funeral, Arrival, A Mansion In Darkness, The Family Ghost, The 7th Day Of July 1777, Omens, The Possession, Abigail, Black Horsemen, Insanity.
There's a normal 2LP version (Philadelphia 2015.) But then there's the massive boxset with 2 shows (Philadelphia 2015 and Graspop 2016) on bluray, 2dvd and 2cd. Plus lots of extra stuff. It sounds almost as great as it did live in the rain at Copenhell 2016.
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: Metal Blade   #: 0-39841-55880-7   Media: Boxset   

New records added to my collection - Stand Tall
Artist/Title: Jason Ringenberg - "Stand Tall"
Stand Tall, Lookin' Back Blues, John The Baptist Was A Real Humdinger, God Bless The Ramones, Hobo Bill's Last Ride, I'm Walking Home, Almost Enough, Here In The Sequoias, John Muir Stood Here, Many Happy Hangovers To You, Farewell Angelina.
This new album was crowdfunded via Indiegogo. It will get an official release soon (see the link below.) It is a solid and very typical Jason solo album with great songs and great lyrics. Jason kindly autographed my CD. The CD comes with a quality booklet with album lyrics.
©: 2019   (p): 2019   Label: Courageous Chicken Music   #: CCE CD016   Media: CD  

New records added to my collection - Good, Bad, Right or Wrong
Artist/Title: Joe Blanton - "Good, Bad, Right or Wrong"
Along For The Ride, Wearin' Me Out, Forgetful Heart, Wild As Sin, Love Is Heavy, Lie To Yourself, American Breakdown, Here Is My Song, Poison Well, That Was Now This Is Then.
Joe Blanton is a member of The Bluefields also featuring Dan Baird (Georgia Satellites) and Warner Hodges (Jason & the Scorchers) and Brad Pemberton. This is Joe's first solo album and he should be proud! It is very solid and clean no-bullshit rock n roll. It's available on CD from the link below.
©: 2018   (p): 2018   Label: Underground Treehouse   #: ?   Media: CD