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Nine Inch Nails - Albums - (Reviews / Ratings)

On this page I have tried to compare and rate the official releases from Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails. I have tried to highlight which tracks I see as the most important on the individual releases.

 Rating: 6/10
Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
Title: Pretty Hate Machine
Trent's first album. Not exactly perfect in terms of a Nine Inch Nails record. It's like he hadn't really fully built and constructed the full NIN sound yet on this album. It sounds a bit too much like eighties electro pop than the much more raw industrial sound NIN would later be recognized by. Sampling Prince's Alphabet St. in the last song Ringfinger doesn't really do the original justice in my opinion. Another problem is with the lyrics. It's like there's a bit too much self-pity here without the correct amount of aggression to support it.
Head Like A Hole and Sin are never-the-less damn cool songs and some of the rest aren't bad either. No matter what, it ain't a bad debut album and surely better things were soon to follow.
Important Tracks: Head Like A Hole, Terrible Lie, Something I Can Never Have, Kinda I Want To, Sin, That's What I Get
©: 1989   (p): 1989   Label: TVT   #: halo two   Media: CD   

 Rating: 10/10
Nine Inch Nails - Broken
Title: Broken
Now we're talking! The first NIN masterpiece by Trent Reznor. This is insanely destilled and compressed aggression from beginning to end. This is simply outstanding. It's actually an EP but with 6 tracks + 2 hidden tracks it comes close to being a full album.
Hidden track Physical is an Adam And The Ants cover that Trent even performed live with Adam once. It ain't as cool as the original but comes close. The other hidden track Suck is a blast, and it shows just how great this EP is, that Trent can get away with not even mentioning a track like this in the tracklist. My favourite track is however Gave Up that is nothing but NIN as good as it gets. If you want to get into the NIN universe, this EP ain't no bad place to start your journey.
Important Tracks: Wish, Last, Hapiness In Slavery, Gave Up, Physical(hidden), Suck(hidden)
©: 1992   (p): 1992   Label: TVT/Interscope   #: halo five   Media: CD   
Notes: EP

 Rating: 2/10
Nine Inch Nails - Fixed
Title: Fixed
This is a remix EP disecting, molesting and recreating many of the tracks from the Broken EP. I really don't like it. I've played it quite many times to try and change my mind about it, but I still don't like it. Every song has been remixed into meaningless loops and rhytms and screams and noise, and you need to be on way too many drugs at once to fully enjoy it. I'm not even sure if that will do the job and make you love it.
Important Tracks: None of them really
©: 1992   (p): 1992   Label: TVT   #: halo six   Media: CD   
Notes: Remixes of the Broken EP

 Rating: 10/10
Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
Title: The Downward Spiral
The second NIN masterpiece. Recorded in the house where actress Sharon Tate was murdered by the Manson family. Don't know if that has anything to do with the result but certain is it that the result is outstanding. This is easily one of the best industrial albums ever. It has brilliant songs, brilliant lyrics, brilliant artwork and pure aggression mixed with fear and emotions. It opens with the ultra aggressive Mr. Self Destruct, has great songs like Piggy and not to mention Closer("I wanna fuck you like an animal") and finally the awesome Hurt. And no, it wasn't better performed by Johnny Cash. Cash was well cool enough doing his own shit, but Trent does this masterpiece a billion times better.
Only one thing left to say: Buy this masterpiece.
Important Tracks: Mr. Self Destruct, Piggy, Heresy, March Of The Pigs, Closer, Ruiner, The Becoming, Eraser, Reptile, Hurt
©: 1994   (p): 1994   Label: TVT   #: halo eight   Media: CD   

 Rating: 3/10
Nine Inch Nails - Further Down The Spiral
Title: Further Down The Spiral
This sucker is available in two versions. A US one (that I don't own currently) and a UK version (pictured here). They are much the same cup of soup with a few differences. It is a remix album of songs from The Downward Spiral, and as with most NIN remix albums, I really don't like it. The remixes are much weaker than the original versions, and brings nothing that I couldn't live happily without while walking down the spiral in the pale moonlight. Self Destuction Part Three is the exception that I like better than the original.
Important Tracks: Self Destuction Part Three
©: 1995   (p): 1995   Label: TVT/Interscope   #: halo ten V2   Media: CD   
Notes: Remixes of The Downward Spiral

 Rating: 7/10
Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile
Title: The Fragile
Many fans treasure this album dearly, and it has been a hard time for me trying to get to like it. For a long time I thought of it as being a bit unfocused and I've never been too keen on Reznor's soundscapes. I very much prefer his energy bombs instead and his songs with some sort of clear melody and direction in them or at least heavily compressed aggression.
After the "Wave Goodbye" tour in 2009 which included several songs from "The Fragile" in the setlists I've come to like this album a lot more. The tracks I've listed below are top class tracks all of them. Several of the other tracks on this 2CD album take a bit longer to open up, but several of them will do so eventually if you spent enough time listening to them.
Important Tracks: The Wretched, We're In This Together, The Fragile, The Way Out Is Through, Starfuckers Inc.
©: 1999   (p): 1999   Label: Interscope   #: halo fourteen   Media: CD   
Notes: 2cd

 Rating: 6/10
Nine Inch Nails - Things Falling Apart
Title: Things Falling Apart
Now this is a weird thing. This is actually a Nine Inch Nails remix album that I like. In fact I think I like it just as much as the original "The Fragile" album. It is quite consistent, and many of the remixes are both interesting and very different from the original tracks at the same time. It is still clearly filled with insane loops and shit, but for some reason I actually listen to this album from time to time and enjoy it too. Like I just said, it is a weird thing.
Important Tracks: I like the whole package more than the individual songs...
©: 2000   (p): 2000   Label: Interscope   #: halo sixteen   Media: CD   
Notes: Remixes of the The Fragile album

 Rating: 6/10
Nine Inch Nails - Live - And All That Could Have Been
Title: Live - And All That Could Have Been
My first NIN record this was. It covers tracks from the first album "Pretty Hate Machine" and up to "The Fragile". The tracklist is not 100% perfect, but you'll get a lot of great NIN tracks in good live quality, so no need to complain too much. The second cd is a collection of remixes and they are not very good in my opinion.
Important Tracks: Most of the tracks on cd1 and basically none of the tracks on cd2
©: 2002   (p): 2002   Label: Interscope   #: halo seventeen   Media: CD   
Notes: 2cd. This release has also been released as a dvd.

 Rating: 10/10
Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral - Deluxe Edition
Title: The Downward Spiral - Deluxe Edition
This is a re-release of "The Downward Spiral" known as the "Deluxe Edition" and it doesn't lie. It has been remastered and comes with much better sound and a SACD layer as well. Further more it contains a lot of the remixes and even a few extra tracks. The best extra track is a really cool cover of the Joy Division track Dead Souls.
This version of "The Downward Spiral" is clearly the best version to buy, no discussion possible.
Important Tracks: Mr. Self Destruct, Piggy, Heresy, March Of The Pigs, Closer, Ruiner, The Becoming, Eraser, Reptile, Hurt, Dead Souls
©: 2005   (p): 2004   Label: Interscope   #: halo eight DE   Media: CD   
Notes: 2cd. Re-release of The Downward Spiral

 Rating: 7/10
Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
Title: With Teeth
This is a pretty good album, but perfect it ain't. It has some really great melodic "ballads" like All The Love In The World and Right Where It Belongs (this is actually even better in the V.2 version found on the "Special Edition" album.)
The song The Hand That Feeds is a brilliant NIN hit single, but to be honest most of the rest is simply not up where it really kicks ass with the long-lasting NIN master-pieces. That aside, it is still an enjoyable album that can be replayed many times.
Important Tracks: All The Love In The World, The Hand That Feeds, Love Is Not Enough, Every Day Is Exactly The Same, With Teeth, Only, Sunspots, The Line Begins To Blur, Right Where It Belongs
©: 2005   (p): 2005   Label: Interscope   #: halo 19   Media: CD   
Notes: Available as a "Special Edition" (including 2 UK Bonus Tracks: Home and Right Where It Belongs V.2)

 Rating: 9/10
Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero
Title: Year Zero
Really cool album that seems to get better every time you play it. Trent built a whole web universe for this album and the lyrics deal with a future world that isn't pleasant at all, but also not very unlikely to become reality one day.
Survivalism is the clear top hit track with it's distinct bassline, but really most of this album will bite you in the legs and never let go again. From The Beginning Of The End and right until Zero-Sum this is an experience that you shouldn't miss. Highly recommended.
Important Tracks: The Beginning Of The End, Survivalism, The Good Soldier, Me I'm Not, Capital G, My Violent Heart, The Warning, God Given, Meet Your Master, Zero-Sum
©: 2007   (p): 2007   Label: Interscope   #: halo 24   Media: CD   

 Rating: 4/10
Nine Inch Nails - Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D
Title: Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D
Yet another NIN remix album. Various artists gets to remix the "Year Zero" songs. It starts really cool with Saul Williams: Guns By Computer and Modwheelmood: The Great Destroyer, but soon the machine goes mad and it becomes more remixed and fucked-up than interesting with a few exceptions along the way down the spiral.
Important Tracks: Guns By Computer, The Great Destroyer, Meet Your Master, Zero-Sum
©: 2007   (p): 2007   Label: Interscope   #: halo 25   Media: CD   
Notes: 2cd. Remix album of the Year Zero album. Cd2 contains all the remixes as multitrack wave files, so you can make your own remixes.

 Rating: 2/10
Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IV
Title: Ghosts I-IV
This is an instrumental soundscape by Trent Reznor creating various moods. I personally find it quite boring, long and uninteresting from a NIN point of view. It is like the most boring parts of "The Fragile", only a lot more boring. Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls steps in on drums on a few tracks, which unfortunately doesn't change much, I must say.
Important Tracks: I couldn't tell one from another (unless you pointed a pistol at my head perhaps...)
©: 2008   (p): 2008   Label: NIN   #: halo twenty six   Media: CD   
Notes: 2cd

 Rating: 6/10
Nine Inch Nails - The Slip
Title: The Slip
Trent decided to give this album away for free as a digital download. It will however be released as a proper cd in July 2008. It has much of the sound of both "With Teeth" and "Year Zero", and it ain't bad at all. Discipline is a catchy hit song and Echoplex and Demon Seed are my two favourites with really cool loops and rhythms. It is a bit of a shame that a track called Corona Radiata is included, since it is very long and sounds like an outtake from "Ghost I-V", and thereby totally spoils the flow. You will however get at least 5 good NIN tracks that are great for different reasons.
Important Tracks: 1.000.000, Discipline, Echoplex, Head Down, Demon Seed
©: 2008   (p): 2008   Label: NIN   #: halo 27   Media: Download   
Notes: Cd release includes a dvd disc

 Rating: 6/10
Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks
Title: Hesitation Marks
Important Tracks: 
©: 2013   (p): 2013   Label: Columbia   #: halo 28dcd   Media: CD