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Transvision Vamp / Wendy James / Racine - Albums - (Reviews / Ratings)

On this page I have tried to compare and rate the releases from Transvision Vamp and tried to highlight which tracks I see as the most important on the individual releases. I have also included albums by Wendy James and Racine.

 Rating: 10/10
Transvision Vamp / Wendy James / Racine - Pop Art
Title: Pop Art
I guess Transvision Vamp hit the same type of people who'd fallen in love with Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Westworld in the eighties. I've always seen these 3 bands as the ultimate eighties pop bands.
Transvision vamp is pop-rock and it is excellently performed. To top it off they had the sexiest girl alive fronting them: Wendy James. All boys adored her. Of course the music press hated Transvision Vamp and said she couldn't sing. Who fucking cares? It's pop-rock'n'roll and it's all about attitude, and she had tons of it. The first record starts off in style with the futuristic "Trash City" that certainly rocks. As a matter of fact this album is mostly hits all the way. "I Want Your Love" was a huge hit but really there are too many great tracks to mention them all.
Important Tracks: Trash City, I Want Your Love, Sister Moon, Psychosonic Cindy, Revolution Baby, Tell That Girl To Shut Up, Andy Warhol's Dead, Sex Kick
©: 1988   (p): 1988   Label: MCA   #: DMCF 3421   Media: CD   

 Rating: 9/10
Transvision Vamp / Wendy James / Racine - Velveteen
Title: Velveteen
This was their second album and they hadn't lost any of their pace. This one is almost as great as the debut. It had the huge hit in "Baby I Don't Care", but actually my 2 favourites are "Pay The Ghosts" and "Bad Valentine". 2 excellent pop songs that makes this album worth every penny you'd have to pay for it.
Talking about Transvision Vamp never forget the singles and b-sides. In true eighties style they made tons of singles with lots of excellent b-sides and great remixes. Several live tracks can also be found so there is lots of cool stuff to go hunting for.
Important Tracks: Baby I Don't Care, The Only One, Landslide Of Love, Down On You, Born To Be Sold, Pay The Ghosts, Bad Valentine, Velveteen
©: 1989   (p): 1989   Label: MCA   #: MCLD 19215   Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
Transvision Vamp / Wendy James / Racine - The Complete 12´ers Collection Vol. 1
Title: The Complete 12"ers Collection Vol. 1
An easy way to get a bunch of remixes and b-sides. No reason wasting time looking for Vol. 2 because it never happened.
Important Tracks: All of them
©: 1990   (p): 1990   Label: MCA(WEA)   #: WMC5-75   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Transvision Vamp / Wendy James / Racine - Little Magnets Vs. The Bubble Of Babble
Title: Little Magnets Vs. The Bubble Of Babble
Sadly enough the Transvision Vamp train only did 3 stops at the album station. This was their third and last album. To be honest it is also the weakest of the 3 albums. "(I Just Wanna) B With U" is a pretty good hit single, but in my opinion the 2 top tracks on this release is "Every Little Thing" and "Pressure Times". Again I'd have to say that this album is worth buying for these 2 tracks alone.
After this album the band broke up but Wendy James didn't leave the music world. She did a solo album and later formed her own band Racine. I'm not really sure what happened to the rest of the Transvision Vamp band members...
Important Tracks: (I Just Wanna) B With U, Ain't No Rules, If Looks Could Kill, Every Little Thing, Pressure Times
©: 1991   (p): 1991   Label: MCA   #: MCD 10331   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Transvision Vamp / Wendy James / Racine - Mixes (collection)
Title: Mixes (collection)
This is a japanese release that contains a collection single remixes. It is a good way to get your first Transvision Vamp remixes, but seriously it would be much better buying the individual cd singles, since you'll miss way too many cool b-sides, if you only buy this collection. It has no less than 5 different version of "(I Just Wanna) B With U" and that is perhaps a few too many considering what they could have put on instead.
Important Tracks: Most of the songs
©: 1992   (p): 1992   Label: MCA   #: MVCM-142   Media: CD   

 Rating: 3/10
Transvision Vamp / Wendy James / Racine - Wendy James - Now Ain't The Time For Your Tears
Title: Wendy James - Now Ain't The Time For Your Tears
This is Wendy James solo album. All songs on the album are written by Elvis Costello (with the help of a few others.) To make a short story shorter I really don't like this album. It seems fair to assume that is has to do with the fact that I don't like Elvis Costello's music. Actually I only like the first song "This Is A Test". It somehow sounds a bit like a bridge between Transvision Vamp and Racine. I just don't like the rest of this album.
Important Tracks: This Is A Test
©: 1993   (p): 1993   Label: Geffen   #: DGCD-24507   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Transvision Vamp / Wendy James / Racine - Kiss Their Sons (collection)
Title: Kiss Their Sons (collection)
This is a farily good collection of Transvision Vamp songs. You'll get all their biggest hits. Unfortunately you'll also miss out on gemms like "Trash City", "Pay The Ghosts" and "Pressure Times". So my advice would be to buy the individual albums instead.
Important Tracks: All of them.
©: 1998   (p): 1998   Label: Universal   #: MCLD19362   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Transvision Vamp / Wendy James / Racine - Baby I Don't Care (collection)
Title: Baby I Don't Care (collection)
You'll get all of their hits on this collection and also a few extra remixes: "Revolution Baby [Electra Glide Mix]", "Tell That Girl to Shut Up [Knuckle Duster Mix]" and "Baby I Don't Care [Abigail's Party Mix]". But again you'll miss gemms like "Trash City", "Pay The Ghosts" and "Pressure Times". Songs you can't live happily without.
Important Tracks: All of them
©: 2002   (p): 2002   Label: Umvd Import   #: B0000647HH   Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
Transvision Vamp / Wendy James / Racine - Racine - Number One
Title: Racine - Number One
This is the first album from Wendy James' band Racine. It is a pleasant mix of electronica and pop. I actually like this album a lot. It is quite different from Transvision Vamp, but still is 100% Wendy James all over. The single "Grease Monkey" is really cool, but really the rest of the album is just as cool in a laid back electronic kinda way.
Important Tracks: The Man, Grease Monkey, Princess Patience Blues, Hip Hop 156, W13th, Blonde Mink Mini, Heavy Metal Dude, Life Goes On, Deluxe
©: 2004   (p): 2004   Label: Pia-K   #: PIAKCD1   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Transvision Vamp / Wendy James / Racine - Racine - 2
Title: Racine - 2
Somehow I don't like this album quite as much as the first Racine album. It is a bit harder leaning a bit more towards pop-rock than the previous electronic album did. It does have a lot of great songs on it though. The single "Freakin' Out"" is really cool and a track like "Essex Dog" is just as excellent.
I caught Wendy and Racine live in Copenhagen in 2007 and I can say that they are a great live band that knows how to rock the house. I would love to see them again.
This release even has added value is the second disc. It holds "Racine - Number One Demos" that is all tracks from the first Racine album in demo versions in top quality. A very cool extra disc you'll get for free.
Important Tracks: Way, Freakin' Out, Racine, You're A Good Man Sister, Oui Ou Non - A Straight Boogaloo, Essex Dog, Those Leg Motherfuckers, Bitter Funny
©: 2007   (p): 2008   Label: Jungle   #: FREUDCD099   Media: CD   

 Rating: 10/10
Transvision Vamp / Wendy James / Racine - Wendy James - I Came Here To Blow Minds
Title: Wendy James - I Came Here To Blow Minds
It is clearly Wendy's best solo effort and it's quite simply a genuinely great album. It mixes everything that was great on her first solo album and on the 2 Racine albums and even some things back from the Transvision Vamp days.
It is a perfect mix of folk and garage rock. The album has up-tempo rock songs that rock like fuckin' hell. Some of it is more or less spoken words and then it has totally catchy pop music. The sequence is perfect and the album just keeps growing every time you play it.
If you ever loved Wendy James and/or Transvision Vamp then I am absolutely sure you will love this awesome album.
Important Tracks: The entire album is absolutely excellent.
©: 2010   (p): 2010   Label: iTunes   #: ?   Media: Download   

 Rating: 8/10
Transvision Vamp / Wendy James / Racine - Wendy James - The Price of the Ticket
Title: Wendy James - The Price of the Ticket
Important Tracks: 
©: 2016   (p): 2016   Label: ?   #: ?   Media: CD