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KP says: Champions League Final 2007 - AC Milan 2 Liverpool 1        
Updated: 2007-05-26 10:06:49    Type:  sports comment     English  View Comment Details   
AC Milan did it again!!! European Champions for the 7th time (1963, 1969, 1989, 1990, 1994, 2003, 2007). Having reached 3 finals in just 5 years and 2 of them as winners.

Both teams played a horrible final. In the first half Liverpool were clearly the better team but didn't manage to take advantage of it and then instead Super-Pippo did what he does best. The games against Bayern München and Manchester United clearly showed that Milan deserved this title - poor play in the final or not.

This final won't be remembered for the great football but instead it will be remembered for the fact that Milan got revenge for that awful final in 2005 where they clearly deserved to win.

Any AC Milan fan won't care how they played. We'll only think about the victory. We'll think about Kaka the topscorer with an amazing 10 goals. We'll think about Gattuso the warrior. The living legend Maldini. Seedorf with 4 wins for 3 different clubs. Inzaghi who scored when we needed it most. And the list goes on and on.

Against all odds, against all critics, against unjustly having to play in the preliminary round, against all haters of Italian football:

Mighty Milan - Champions of Europe 2007.
Champions League Final 2007 - AC Milan 2 Liverpool 1 (sports comment)
Champions League Final 2007 - AC Milan 2 Liverpool 1 (sports comment)
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