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KP says: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Live From KCRW   Rating: Rating: 5/6   
Updated: 2013-12-19 16:58:14    Type:  cd/vinyl review     English  View Comment Details   
This is a fine and very intimate live album by Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds. It was recorded live in front of a very small crowd of only 180 people in 2013 and it sounds very much like The Bad Seeds did on their "Push The Sky Away" tour. This live album almost only have very quiet songs on it and there is almost no room for the usual vocal and musical explosions, that are often found at a live Nick Cave gig.

Well only almost, because the last song "Jack The Ripper" is a bit of a joker compared to the rest. It doesn't really fit in, being all noisy and rocking and out of control, but it's great to hear it here anyway. The album has excellent sound quality and it is a nice album to relax and dream away to. The tracks from the various albums blend together perfectly on the setlist.

The only track I don't like very much is "The Mercy Seat". I don't think this quiet arrangement suits it well and I prefer the growing despair found in the original arrangement, which I find far superior to this quiet version. The rest of the lot are great live versions.

If they had wanted to improve this album's tracklist further, they should have played "Jubilee Street" [2013] because it is the best and most important track on the "Push The Sky Away" album, but of course it wouldn't have fit in well with the quiet as a mouse profile of this live album. There is however much more empty space on the last side of the vinyl, and "Jack The Ripper" doesn't fit in anyway.

Note: The vinyl LP has 2 more tracks than the CD ("Into My Arms", "God is in the House") and the vinyl comes with a digital download option too (but sadly the download is only in shitty 192 kbps quality.)

Push the Sky Away [2013]:
Higgs Boson Blues
Wide Lovely Eyes
Push The Sky Away

No More Shall We Part [2001]:
And No More Shall We Part
God Is In The House

The Boatman's Call [1997]:
Into My Arms
People Ain't No Good
Far From Me

Henry's Dream [1992]:
Jack The Ripper

Tender Prey [1988]:
The Mercy Seat

Your Funeral... My Trial [1986]:
Stranger Than Kindness

[2013, Bad Seed Ltd.]
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Live From KCRW (cd/vinyl review)
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