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KP says: Resident Evil - Retribution 3D (5) [2012]    Rating: Rating: 3/6   
Updated: 2012-09-29 09:24:38    Type:  movie review     English  View Comment Details   
Resident Evil 5 reintroduces a lot of well-known faces including Alice [Milla Jovovich], Jill Valentine [Sienna Guillory], Rain [Michelle Rodriguez], Luther West, Carlos, Wesker and even the Red Queen. Claire, Chris and K-Mart are not part of the 3D spectacle and we never find out what happened to them but maybe they'll show up again in Resident Evil 6 unless they are dead of course? Hey wait, that's not really a problem, send in the clones!

To make all of this possible the story is taken to a whole new level of far out. Actually more like beyond far out. It is being accompanied by some rather lame dialogue too. The 3D action scenes are certainly mighty impressive to watch while everything explodes in backwards slow motion but it all feels like an empty shell, much like watching a Michael Bay movie.

I enjoyed all the previous Resident Evil movies but I am somewhat disappointed with this latest part. I am a fan of the series and there is no doubt I'll buy the blu-ray when it comes out and I will certainly find myself a seat in the nearest cinema should they add further chapters to the story. But to judge from the end scene it could easily end up in more 3D action extravaganza with very little else to offer.

Runtime: 1h36

Directed by: Paul W.S. Anderson
Resident Evil - Retribution 3D (5) [2012]  (movie review)
Reply #:    Name : KP     Country : Denmark     Created : 2013-02-07 17:15:08   
If you watch this movie in 2D, I will only award it 2/6. The 3D effects are the best I have ever seen in any movie, but the movie is quite bad and the dialogue is truly horrible. I hope they manage to rebounce and create a great part 6, but so far this is a sad ending of the franchise. The 4 movies before this one are all so much better.   
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