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KP says: Kick-Ass   Rating: Rating: 6/6   
Updated: 2010-05-09 18:43:36    Type:  movie review     English  View Comment Details   
Mr. Kick-Ass is a superhero wanna-be who is pretty good at getting his ass kicked, so he could really need some help from a real superhero. Enter Hit-Girl and Big Daddy.

Hit-Girl(Chloë Moretz) is one of the coolest superheroes the world has ever seen and she sure is guarantee for some good old ultra violence even if she is only 11 years old.

Be prepared to laugh a lot while watching a hell of a lot of ass kicking.

Shut Up, Kick Ass!
Kick-Ass (movie review)
Reply #:    Name : KP     Country : Denmark     Created : 2010-09-19 10:49:27   
Just bought and watched the DVD. It still so rocks when seeing it for the second time.   
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