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KP says: Insane Clown Posse - The Tempest   Rating: Rating: 5/6   
Updated: 2008-11-06 21:02:59    Type:  cd review     English  View Comment Details   
The Tempest was released in 2007, but I never got around to buying it until October 2008. It is a pretty fine ICP album. It has the usual funny lyrics about bitches, balls, serial killers and various other more or less fucked up subjects. No news under the sun there, but sometimes no news is good news. The Insane Clown Posse is about the only interesting group left in today's dead-boring rap music.

It may not be a new master piece like "The Great Milenko" or "The Amazing Jeckel Brothers" but it is entertaining, has some good rhythms and songs and it is melodic and well produced. It is ICP like we know them and love them. Songs like "Alley Rat", "Hum Drum Boogie" and "If I Was A Serial Killer" should make most ICP juggalos smile with joy.

I'm still a bit disappointed that the world didn't implode after the final sixth Joker's Card was released, but when it didn't happen, I guess it is okay that our favourite killer clowns keep releasing their sick output for sick minds like mine to enjoy.

Feelin' worn out, weak and worthless? Perhaps you should crack open a crispy can of SPASMATIC!!!

[2007, Psychopatic]
Insane Clown Posse - The Tempest (cd review)
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