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KP says: Martin Degville - Sputnik 2....The Future   Rating: Rating: 3/6   
Updated: 2008-10-18 00:15:03    Type:  cd/vinyl review     English  View Comment Details   
Martin is going wild in 2008 and releasing his second collection of demos, mixes and unreleased tracks. Just like G.O.D. this is a cd-r release with color printed inlay and disc. Again it is not studio mastered but the sound is fine. The cd is only available on his website

This cd holds 9 tracks and the quality is all over the scale from high to low. Best track is undoubtably I Wannabe A Celebrity that is a super fine Sputnik song. Planet-Bi has been released earlier as a digital download but this mix is different and it is still a fine song.

I think it should be possible to mix a really fine cd with songs from Smart1[2004], G.O.D. and Sputnik 2....The Future. Think I'll do that one of these days.

Best thing is that Martin is still working on the Prophet Of Freak album that should be a real album release as opposed to the 2 collections we've got here in 2008. We are waiting in excitement!

[2008, Sputnik2TheFuture]
Martin Degville - Sputnik 2....The Future (cd/vinyl review)
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