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KP says: The Cure - The Perfect Boy (mix 13)   Rating: Rating: 3/6   
Updated: 2008-08-16 14:04:38    Type:  cd review     English  View Comment Details   
The last single out of 4 has been released, and we can wait for the release of the new album by The Cure.

The Perfect Boy is an okay song that sounds like a mix of the sound from the albums "Wish" and "The Cure". I like the slower parts of the song, it makes it more interesting, and it comes as no surprise that the lyrics are about love and broken hearts. The flip-side: Without You is not that outstanding really, but it is okay for a few spins. Having played this single more than a lot of times, I have to rate it 3/6. It really isn't that special. Especially not when compared to Freakshow and Sleep When I’m Dead.

It isn't really true that it is the last single though, because on September 13th there will be an EP released that holds remixes of all 4 singles: The Only One, Freakshow, Sleep When I’m Dead and The Perfect Boy. The EP will be entitled Hypnagogic States.

The new album should be out on October 13th, if all goes well.

[2008, Geffen]
The Cure - The Perfect Boy (mix 13) (cd review)
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