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Bass Players
These are the bass players that I say hail to. And so should you!
Lemmy KilmisterSimon Gallup
 Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead)
"For I am MARS the God of WAR and I Will Cut You Down!", Mr. Orgasmatron. No one spanks a huge Rickenbacker bass like Lemmy. No one does it as fast. No one is that genuine without any compromises. He played his huge part in inventing today's metal music. To top it off he is also immortal! Believe it or not. Love him and accept the fact: Lemmy is a God. "Rock'n'roll is your will never let you down."
 Simon Gallup (The Cure)
He has done so many freaking cool bass lines for The Cure. It is not so distinct in the newer material, but try "A Forest" or "Play For Today" and work your way up from there. He is not only cool on a bass. He is the best looking bassplayer ever! Why, you ask? Because he has the longest arms. The bass is virtually a few centimeters off the floor. Too fucking cool! All hail Gallup!
Tony JamesKim Nekroman
 Tony James (Sigue Sigue Sputnik)
Seriously, it must have been boring the shit out of Tony. He is a well-known musician and a bassist from Generation X. He taught the other members of Sigue Sigue Sputnik how to play. Besides that, he didn't play much at the gigs. Yeah true, he triggered loops and stuff and on a few songs he joined in. But playing bass on a shitty Roland "space guitar" is very much impossible for many reasons. I still love him for sticking to the concept: the look is über alles. I also like him for bringing Sputnik back in 2000. I hate him for killing it again. But since Martin Degville keeps the Sputnik spirit alive today, there is no need to worry. Tony was cool. Now he isn't. But still applause for the old days.
 Kim Nekroman (Nekromantix)
He invented probably the best band ever spawned from Denmark. Psychobilly by the coffin. I know that some may argue: "hey, What about Aqua, Infernal and blah blah blah." Those people should be shot, quickly(chinese style). Now back to the facts: Only Mercyful Fate and King Diamond rivals the throne of this band. Kim Nekroman is a fucking legend on his coffin bass. Ultra hillarious lyrics, a superbly skilled upright double bass and one hell of an attitude. Something Denmark can't accept. Everything and everyone has to look the same. Kim and his girlfriend(wife?) Patricia(Horrorpops) are kicking it off in the US at major venues. Denmark gets as deserved = nothing.
Rhonda SmithKlaus Flouride
 Rhonda Smith (Prince)
Prince has had tons of musicians following him, playing with him, fucking with him or whatever. But no one was quite as cool on the bass as this girl. She was very much outstanding and even though a bit shy and loving the back of the stage, she certainly deserves applause. One tight funky b8...sorry, woman! ;-)
 Klaus Flouride (Dead Kennedys)
Often you are met with the idea that punk is for musicians without talent and blah blah. Flouride is one hell of a bassist to prove them all wrong. He is totally cool on his bass. Very melodic, insanely fast and certainly with a hell of a lot of talent. Or should I just say skills. "Forest Fire" will always remain my favourite.
Steve Harris
 Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)
The man that started me off being interested in bass players. He doesn't really play bass. Well, somehow he does, but he plays the bass like a lead guitar at times. Simply blows you away. Easily the best bassist in heavy metal ever. An icon. Actually the musicians in Iron Maiden are rather well behaved, well educated, sober, friendly and (to be honest) kinda boring. But You can't argue with their music. And certainly not with Mr. Harris.