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Sputnik2 - Live @ Madame JoJo's - 2004-08-26
Sputnik2 - The future. They ROCK!
Tony And Neal better watch out. They have just gotten some serious competition. Sputnik2 (that is Martin and his new band Nino and Baz) pulled off a rather superb gig in Soho. And if you also consider that this was their first gig together I can certainly see some potential for improvement. This may very well be the real future of Sputnik. Sputnik may not be dead...but Sputnik2 is certainly alive!!
* To learn more about Nino and Baz's own band "Dead Heaven" - see Links in the Menu.
Psykodelic, 21st Century Boy, World War 4, Jayne Mansfield, Atari Baby, Don't Dabble With The Devil, Slag (In The Back Of My Cadilak), Love Missile F1-11.
The Band:
Martin Degville - Vocals
Nino - Guitar
Baz - Bass