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Demo Bomb Every week a new track will be released from the Demo Bomb album featuring old demos/unreleased tracks from Tony James archives. Free download. Official Site
Martin Degville The official Sputnik2 / Martin Degville site. Official Site
Sputnik World This is the official Sigue Sigue Sputnik site (Tony James and Neal X) Official Site Sigue Sigue Sputnik's home at Official Site
SputnikWorldVideo SputnikWorld's video channel on YouTube. Featuring cool videos from the history of Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Official Site
SSSE Reverbnation Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic / Martin Degville's store at Reverbnation where you can buy and download SSSE songs. Official Site
The Montecristos Neal X's new band created in 2012. This is their Facebook page. Official Site
Wikipedia This is an attempt to tell the story of Sputnik. Non-Official Site
Degville message board Message Board for Sputnik2 fans! Join today! PS: Obviously Degville focused. Mailing List
Sputnik Mailing List Mailing List for Sput-heads! Join today! PS: VERY much James/X focused at the moment. Mailing List
Collector SSScum Totally impressive collection of SSS stuff. Run by Michael Pilmer. Fan Site
DocSputnik DocSputnik's fan-site has re-spawned from the ashes!!! We used to know it as The Sputnik Surgery. Great to have you back online Doc! Fan Site German fan site. Fan Site
Sputnik@Lycos Fan site. Wallpapers and more. Fan Site
Dead Heaven Dead Heaven bandmembers Nino and Baz played with Degville as Sputnik2 at Madame Jo Jo's in London. A Related Band
Hellbilly Club Hellbilly Club bandmembers Santi and David played with Degville as Sci-fi Superstars at The Purple Turtle in London. A Related Band
Mayhem Deranged Former Sigue Sigue Sputnik drummer Ray Mayhew has a band called Mayhem Deranged. Currently a MP3 demo "50 Megaton Love" is available for download. A Related Band
Sonic State Lead-singer Jenny is in control of the FX in Sputnik when touring. Sonic State was support-band for Sputnik at the Borderline gig(2000-12-16). A Related Band
Westworld/Moondogg KP's Westworld and Moondogg site. A Related Band