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KP's Story - How I became one of the Sputnik Elite
Way back in 1986 when I was only 16 years old I saw the video for "Love Missile F1-11" on a danish television popshow. I also heard the single played at a local youth party. I was hooked immediately. I had never heard or seen anything like that before. I started buying all the stuff I could get my hands on. That wasn't a lot since I lived in a rather small town and also I hadn't exactly got a lot of money back then.
Well at least I managed to get hold of some of the 12 inches and a couple of t-shirts so I did have enough gear to promote my Sputnik obsession to the people around me. Shame shame shame I never got to see Sputnik live back then. I could only stare at the pictures in the teen pop magazines and dream of how it would have been to be at the concerts.
I remember how one of my friends and I used to annoy the shit out of everybody else at the local burger bar by ordering "Love Missile F1-11" or "21st Century Boy" on a video jukebox 10 times in a row and then turning the volume to max. Great fun!
KP (1986-87) KP (2003)
The 2nd Album
A few years later and "Flaunt It" became "Dress For Excess". I didn't really like that album as much as the 1st one. Strangely enough I think a lot of people bought it even though they didn't buy "Flaunt It". I think it was way too commercial and didn't have the raw power that Giorgio Moroder put into "Flaunt It". But that didn't make me less of a Sputnik fan. I have always believed that "Dress For Excess" was something EMI forced Sputnik to put out more than something the group really wanted to release.
It sounds like a mix of great tracks(some of them could have been way better in different versions/mixes) and tracks that should have been replaced by some of the b-sides like "Last temptation of Sputnik" and "Frankenstein Cha-Cha-Cha".
Y2K and my first Sputnik concert
Time went by and Sputnik sorta disappeared from most people's mind. Not from my mind though. I kept playing the records and kept repeating the guitar riffs and lyrics from "Sex Bomb Boogie" whenever I had more than 1 beer. Noone who knows me ever really forgot who Sputnik was. I never let them. I kept joking about inviting them to our national soccer arena here in Copenhagen to play a concert and I would be the only one who knew them and showed up. I loved that idea.
In the nineties the internet era began and I was addicted very early. And my oh my, if Sputnik didn't respawn from the ashes in the late nineties. It would be an understatement to say that I was happy with that. When I first heard the good news I didn't really dare to dream that I would see them live one day. But so it happened. 2000 was my lucky year. Got to see the guys live at Borderline, Rock Garden And Borderline again. I even got to meet them after the concerts. The time of miracles ain't over yet.
The new record "Pirate Space" is absolutely brilliant. So new and still so Sputnik. I really hope they will have some sort of a comeback. But even if they won't they have made me and the other believers so happy by being back for us.
Now it's 2001 and I've already seen them 4 times this year. I've met a bunch of great SputHeads and I've witnessed some fantastic concerts. The Sputniks are truly back and the future is ours!
Martin & KP (2001) KP & Tony (2000) KP & Neal (2000)
A Sputnik Tattoo
2002 and "Blak Elvis" saw the light of day. An album with Elvis covers. Not exactly the best I could have hoped for but never-the-less not a bad album. I also got to see a gig in Camden London that rank among the best of the gigs I've seen so far. Truly awesome stuff. And much more importantly they played several songs that are going to be featured on the brand new album that is currently in the mix. From the songs we've heard so far it is going to be great "Flaunt It" style Sput'n'Roll.
This year I also got myself a Sputnik tattoo. I'd thought about that for years but now I finally got it made. The best thing about it is that people constantly ask what it means and then you get a chance to tell them that Sputnik is still around and kicking and that they should go and check them out.
All good things come to an end
Nothing lasts forever. In 2003 we enjoyed the "Ultra Real" album that saw Sputnik return to old form with their most Sputnik-like "Flaunt It" style album since the real deal was released in the days of wayback. Also we had the Japanese release of a live DVD with 5 of the fantastic old music videos on it.
Everything was indeed looking fantastic. That is, until all hell broke loose in August 2003: Martin was no longer a member of the group. Still no official explanation has been given, but it is very clear that the 2 camps are not on good terms and will most likely never be reunited. A bit of a tragedy really.
I saw a Sputnik concert in 2003 without Degville and it was not bad at all. But I did feel that something was missing. They were surely not the same without their charismatic frontman. I won't say it can't work but it will not be Sputnik as we knew them.
The rest of Sputnik(Tony, Neal and Jenny) will continue they say, and so will Degville on his own. I will of course support both camps and hope that they keep making music and still keep the Sputnik spirit alive. If not, then I can easily keep it alive myself. It wouldn't be the first time. I never lost faith during the nineties where Sputnik seemed to have disappeared from the planet.
But let's not be too negative. Let's wish and hope that we will still be enjoying great things Sputnik in the years to come!
KP & Lisa (2001) KP & Jenny (2003) KP & Samantha (2005)
Don't Dabble with the Devil
2004 was not a bad year at all. Martin Degville launched a lot of stuff as Sputnik 2 and did a lot of fantastic gigs. I witnessed the 1st gig in Soho and it was very good indeed. 2004 didn't c much of Tony and Neal. Tony was busy with other projects and Neal was busy being a father.
The Sputnik situation so far is pretty clear: Martin is releasing the stuff and playing a lot of gigs - while Tony and Neal is being rather quiet. I hope they'll return 2 form sometime soon. If not, at least we have a very bright Sputnik star 2 follow: Degz.
The score since the split? Martin 90% - Tony / Neal 10%
Ray Mayhew on the drums ladies and gentlemen
We didn't see any important releases in 2005 and all in all it won't be remembered as one of the most important years in Sputnik history. I did go to see a couple of Sputnik2 concerts though, one in Stourbridge in the middle of exactly nowhere and another in London. The London gig at the Garage stands out because it featured a lineup with original Sputnik drummer Ray Mayhew! Also worth remembering is of course Samantha for making the show super sexy. It was simply one hell of a show built around the legendary Degville himself. I'll be back for more next year, that's for sure!
I am not really sure what is (not) happening with Tony and Neal. They've made a few promises about new releases that has so far remained just promises. They also seem to only play gigs in southern Europe for some odd reason...
Martin & KP (2005) KP & Ray (2005)
Rock 'n' Roll vs. Electro
2006 saw quite a few Sputnik2 concerts and I attended one of them at The Underworld in London. This particular concert was haunted by a lot of technical problems and incompetent sound engineers but the important thing to note was that Martin had assembled a real Rock 'n' Roll band complete with guitar, bass and drums. This band sounded fantastic when all the music was genuinely live.
Unfortunately it seems that Martin has gone down another path recently. The current lineup seems to be purely electronic and I think this is a wrong move. The Rock 'n' Roll version of Sputnik2 was excellent. It should however be noted that I haven't been to a live gig with the current lineup yet.
As for Neal and Tony it seems that they are still hiding somewhere doing nothing Sputnik related (except for a few gigs far far away.)
Not much of a rockin' party in Sputnik-land
2007 didn't bring that much fun in terms of Sputnik related activity. Degz released some dvd compilations and stuff. He had a couple of new recordings playing on his website. Degz also played a few shows but I never managed to attend even a single one of them. Shame on me.
The other 2 have simply vanished from this planet. "Silent as the grave" seems to be their preferred motto.
2 new cds from Martin and still I didn't catch a live gig
In 2008 we had a lot of German shows (and I - god damnit - managed to miss all of them), and we had 2 demo/outtakes cds from Martin. Both of them are not exactly outstanding, but seen from a Sputnik p.o.v. they were very necessary albums, because they kept the Sputnik believers/faith alive, and they actually contained a bunch of great Sputnik songs as well.
I feel seriously down when writing this. It's been 2 years and 9 months now, since I've seen and felt the mighty Sputnik2 live miracle - and YES, I do suffer. Like a Zombie with no brains to eat, like a Vampire who can't find any blood. I'm desperately seeking Sputnik.
Gimme Sputnik or gimme death. 2009 must be my lucky year or the consequences will be devastating and out of control. Happy new year! And keep everything and anyone in it Sputnik!
KP & Martin (2009) KP & Martin (2009)
The Prophet of Freak
2009 saw two new albums: "Prophet Of Freak" that is a fantastic new solo album by Martin Degville that has a very Sputnik sound. Later an EP was released called "Sputnik vs. Bowie(part I)" with Sputnik versions of old Bowie songs, also fantastic.
I even managed to drag my ass to a Sputnik2 gig. Well, not 1 but 2 in fact! Both gigs were in Camden, London. The 1st one was a full rock'n'roll band with guitar, bass and voice playing the brand new songs from "Prophet of Freak". The 2nd was Sputnik Electronic with keys and voice playing new electronic versions of old Sigue Sigue Sputnik hits.
It felt so great to finally be back in the live loop and meeting Degz and all the awesome Sputnik elite fans again. More wants more!
Inside every Sci-Fi Lover's Heart...
If anybody thought that 2010 was gonna be a boring year for the billions of Sputniks out there, they were dead wrong! Martin and his electronic mastermind Lloyd Price released a lot of excellent stuff thru Martin's website: The Futuatronik EP (featuring a smashing version of "Is This The Future?"), an awesome electronic remake and re-recording of the entire "Flaunt It" album (currently only out as a pre-release) and also fan favourites like "Hack-Attack " was recreated. The coolest of them all is however "Sci-Fi Lover"! This song has always been my #1 bootleg demo song and to hear it now in full glory is simply outstanding.
I attended a total of 3 music festivals in 2010 and a whole lot of other non-Sputnik concerts and I had simply run out of money, vacation and options and so I had to skip the first ever fan organised SputfeSSSt in England. It had performances by Sputnik Electronic and several other bands as well. A lot of fans attended the all-day event and camping. It was a great success and I very much plan to join the fun next time, hopefully already in 2011.
Sputnik is alive - believe!
...smashes a steel fist into a perfectly preserved 1953 Gibson...
...Ladies and gentlemen I give you: Sigue Sigue Sputnik.
2011 was an awesome Sputnik year. We got the factory-pressed cd version of "Flaunt It (electronic)" and we also got the excellent "Revisited" singles and album - takin' us down sputnik memory lane. Great production/programming work again by Lloyd Price.
I went to a SSSE gig in Camden, London and met with Martin, Johann and much of The Elite.
X and James are not entirely dead either. From time to time a track emerges from their secret SSS camp. 2011 saw "C’mon Everybody" on a Hotei album which I still need to find and buy somehow.
Martin & KP (2011) Martin & KP (2012) Lloyd & KP (2012)
If I had a crystal ball...I coulda had it all.
Here 9 days into 2013, let's look back at what happened in 2012 and up until now:
  • I attended a Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic gig? Check.
  • New really great "Electronic DNA" album from Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic? Check. 
  • Did we also get an "Unplugged" EP? Check.
  • Neal X formed a new band called The Montecristos? Check.
  • Refresh of my 10 year old Sputnik tattoo? Check.
  • revamped, rebuilt and online? Check.
  • A Sigue Sigue Sputnik reunion? Sadly not yet...
...on stage Mondo Elvis - his triple flame mohawk cutting through the drug haze - screams into the microphone!!
I am now more than 3 months behind with this update already - here we are into March 2014. Still a long way from post nuclear winter and China 2023 though...
The year 2013 brought us massive Sputnik über-shiznit. Tony finally woke up! Not only did he offer new and often unheard-before demo tracks from the Sputnik vaults every week, he commented on each track in details with absolutely amazing inside stories from back then, telling us how - and why - and who did who and when and on what. Every Monday was a joy back in 2013 with the Demo Bombs coming up - and joyful Mondays rarely happens for a working man. I believe every Sputnik fan out there was thankful for Tony's contribution there. I was, I assure you.
Neal X has fully launched his Montecristos band - consisting of Neal and a bunch of girls. Now, who would have guessed that from Neal? Lol. I've heard a few tracks and some great old-time Sputnik fans from the UK have reported that The Montecristos totally rock live. I - for one - am a sucker for up-right bass playing, so I really want to see them live sometime. And yes, they've already had several Sputnik songs on their setlists.
Degz was still serving the Gods of Sputnik. He offered a few alternate Sputnik Electronic takes on some old demos (inspired by the Demo Bomb, I suppose) and he did some remixes and cover versions. Martin's most important release was however "Cocaine Cowboy" - this song really rocks!
Keep the Sputnik flag flying high, y'all!