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KP says: Suspiria [2018]   Rating: Rating: 3/6   
Updated: 2018-11-17 20:33:38    Type:  movie review     English text   Read Full Comment    
The original Suspiria from 1977 is a sensory explosion. It has insane coloring, almost neon-like. The soundtrack by Goblin is outstanding in itself. The atmosphere, the set, the images, the witches, the heavy rain. A few spectacular deaths. The shitty acting and the ridiculous dialogue. Very Italian and very awesome. A movie you will never forget. A Dario Argento masterpiece. This new remake by Luca Guadagnino isn't really a remake. It is more fair ... [read more]
Suspiria [2018] (movie review)
Suspiria [2018] (movie review)
KP says: Overlord [2018]   Rating: Rating: 3/6   
Updated: 2018-11-10 15:26:19    Type:  movie review     English text   Read Full Comment    
This is a "b-movie", but with a decent production (J.J. Abrams) and one should keep that in mind. Don't expect fantastic acting and don't expect any characters to be acting too rational. Also be prepared to accept that the main character Boyce (Jovan Adepo) is a clone of the dumbass stormtrooper Finn from another J.J. Abrams movie "The Force Awakens" [2015]. I know it is a lot to ask for, but then you won't be ... [read more]
Overlord [2018] (movie review)
KP says: Gunnar Hansen : "Chain Saw Confidential"   Rating: Rating: 6/6   
Updated: 2018-10-25 21:18:38    Type:  book review     English text   Read Full Comment    
I've been a rather lazy reader in the past few years, and this one had sat on my shelf for far too long. That's a shame because it really deserved to be read. It is a mighty fine book by the great Gunnar Hansen (aka the original Leatherface himself) and it provides tons of information on the world's greatest horror movie ever, Tobe Hooper's "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" [1974]. The book is very well ... [read more]
Gunnar Hansen : "Chain Saw Confidential" (book review)
Gunnar Hansen : "Chain Saw Confidential" (book review)
KP says: Steffen Jungersen : "Mig & Lemmy - en rock'n'roll krønike"   Rating: Rating: 4/6   
Updated: 2018-10-13 16:01:32    Type:  book review     Danish text   Read Full Comment    
Det tog mig små 3 timer at læse denne lille crowdfundede fortælling på ca. 180 sider, som omhandler både Motörheads Lemmy, Steffens eget liv og rockens udvikling fra 1980erne og frem - altsammen krydret med masser af personlige betragtninger. Bogen er både fornøjelig og velskrevet, og den gav anledning til både smil, gensynsglæde og lidt sørgmodighed undervejs. Bogen beskriver hvordan metal og hardrock indtog musikscenen omkring 1980, og hvordan det er gået med rocken ... [read more]
Steffen Jungersen : "Mig & Lemmy - en rock'n'roll krønike" (book review)
Steffen Jungersen : "Mig & Lemmy - en rock'n'roll krønike" (book review)
KP says: Prince : "Piano & A Microphone 1983" (box set)   Rating: Rating: 5/6   
Updated: 2018-10-12 22:25:12    Type:  cd/vinyl review     English text   Read Full Comment    
When I first heard about this new Prince release, I became rather suspicious that it was just a half-assed attempt to cash in on his death by releasing some old demo recordings with doubtful sound quality. Obviously I preordered it anyway, being the hardcore Prince fan that I am. When it finally arrived last week, some 4 months after I preordered it, I found out I'd had no reason to be suspicious. This ... [read more]
Prince : "Piano & A Microphone 1983" (box set) (cd/vinyl review)
Prince : "Piano & A Microphone 1983" (box set) (cd/vinyl review)
KP says: Slægt : "The Wheel"   Rating: Rating: 5/6   
Updated: 2018-10-12 20:30:17    Type:  cd/vinyl review     English text   Read Full Comment    
Denmark's currently finest metal act Slægt, stay true to their established sound of melodic black metal mixed with NWOBHM (think Iron Maiden guitars) elements on their new album. It's not quite as catchy or easily consumable as the EP and album that came before it, but if you just allow yourself to listen 2 or 3 times to the album in full, I promise you it will open up and reward you. It's ... [read more]
Slægt : "The Wheel" (cd/vinyl review)
Slægt : "The Wheel" (cd/vinyl review)
KP says: The Nun [2018]    Rating: Rating: 3/6   
Updated: 2018-09-08 15:46:54    Type:  movie review     English text   Read Full Comment    
The latest spin-off in the Conjuring universe takes us to a cloistered abbey in Romania back in 1952. A young nun has committed suicide and the Catholic Church sends a priest [Demián Bichir] and a novice nun [Taissa Farmiga] to investigate what is going on in what appears to be an unholy place. They get help from a local man named Frenchie [Jonas Bloquet], who initially had discovered the dead nun. The movie is ... [read more]
The Nun [2018]  (movie review)
KP says: The Equalizer 2 [2018]   Rating: Rating: 4/6   
Updated: 2018-08-21 20:07:35    Type:  movie review     English text   Read Full Comment    
The first movie from 2014 was a nice solid good guy vs. bad guys movie. It was pretty violent and much like a modern day Dirty Harry movie. A one man army who will make sure that the bad guys get exactly what they deserve. Now Denzel Washington is back as Robert McCall and he's still busy taking out the trash. This new movie has a number of subplots and the pace is somewhat ... [read more]
The Equalizer 2 [2018] (movie review)
KP says: The Meg (2D) [2018]   Rating: Rating: 1/6   
Updated: 2018-08-11 15:17:22    Type:  movie review     English text   Read Full Comment    
What you want in a movie like this, are 2 things: firstly a gory bloodbath and then secondly either great humor or great action. The 2 best examples from recent years are "Piranha 3D" [2010] which is both hilariously funny and contains some of the best and goriest death-by-fish scenes ever made, and "Deep Blue Sea" [1999] which is a bit more serious (yet still rather funny) and has some great shark action and again ... [read more]
The Meg (2D) [2018] (movie review)
KP says: Immortal : "Northern Chaos Gods"   Rating: Rating: 4/6   
Updated: 2018-07-21 15:14:18    Type:  cd/vinyl review     English text   Read Full Comment    
Album one after the departure of Abbath. It's not bad, it is however not like Immortal with Abbath either. In fact it's getting very difficult to define what Immortal really is these days. Below is a timeline of all things Immortal in recent years. "I" and Demonaz solo were more Viking than pure Immortal. Abbath solo was a mix of both. The new Immortal album is less Viking, but maybe only 80% Immortal. ... [read more]
Immortal : "Northern Chaos Gods" (cd/vinyl review)
Immortal : "Northern Chaos Gods" (cd/vinyl review)
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